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    Finally working........with help from other users on a different thread

    The steps worked for me
    1. Add to DNS in network interface

    2. Make sure plugin is not instaled , if it is just uninstall and refresh your browser ( and clear cache)


    apt-get purge docker-ce


    dpkg -l | grep openm

    and make sure no docker-gui listed

    5. If docker-gui still on the output file

    rm /var/lib/dpkg/info/openmediavault-docker-gui.postrm

    and then

    apt-get purge openmediavault-docker-gui

    Check again that docker-gui is gone

    6. After no docker-gui on the output use

    7. Enable docker on web-gui/omv-extras


    apt-get install docker-ce

    9. Now you can install the plugin from plugins

    Thanks to @ryecoaaron
    Thread Docker fix in case this not working for you or I missed something

    Joining the problem my self. Tried on a PC and XU4 and on both I have the same problem. At first I thought is my new XU4 but did a fresn install on the PC and have the same problem. Not sure but can be one of the new updates on the OS ( on update menagement) as this problem is related only to docker , everything else working normal.

    Is this problem with USB related only to the Cloudshell 2 or the on board USB 3.0 have the same problem? @tkaiser
    I have the XU4 and Cloudshell 2 and want to know if I should still try to do something with it or least if the board only is still a viable option and just throwing away the Cloudshell 2 or should I throw away both ?

    I've attached the errors log on the second picture( docker.jpg)....Can't find any option to copy/export the logs I get when installing and at which point is crashing but I will try again maybe I can get at least the last lines ...

    I will check the link......thanks for it

    L.E. How can I copy/export the instalations log , I've seen some forum user uploading this logs.....

    Nothing on that post help me to get docker running. No matter what I am trying I can't make it work......out of idea's

    Hi all , so trying to install OMV on a XU4 and Cloudshell2 and need some help with the configuration. I am not a master of Linux and still learning so if I say something stupid or don't understand an indication please be patient I am trying the best I can.

    First I know about the ''problems'' Cloudshell2 have regarding USB-Sata/hub / adapter but for now I didn't have of this problems , will see in time......

    For now my problems/questions are , first about resizing eMMC so I can use the entire space available , found how to do it , but ( looking at the attached picture) not sure which partition should I delete.
    The mmcblk0p3 is the one which definetly not showing so that is the unused sapce from what I understand , mmcblk0p2 look like is the actual OS partition and the mmcblk0p1 is the one which I have no idea what is it for or what is stored in it ( 23MB used form 57.97MB). Now in most of the guides I found it says to delete mmcblk0p2 and 0p3 and then create a new partition but on 0p2 is the OS and don't know if this is a good idea. On my case should I delete mmcblk0p1 and mmcblk0p3 and leave mmcblk0p2 as it is sounds more logic.........or should be a better idea to just create/mount the 3rd partition for swap use? I can see on PuttY that the system allready has 998MB for swap but not sure from where( maybe from DDRAM?)

    Second problem is that I can't get Docker instaled , I am keep getting errors......

    The third problem is that I can't get the LCD working on Cloudshell2 or at least can;t find a good tutorial on how to add it. Not very important because I don't know if I will stay with this setup based on the USB-SATA problems but at least I want to test everything before I give up..


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    Ok so I managed to install the Transmission VPN but now all my server traffic is directed trough VPN so no remote access. How can I route the Transmission only trough VPN and rest of the traffic trough my WAN?
    Do I have to use ip tables or is there any other option? I am not really confident on starting ip tables and still trying to understand how is working , what I need to change......
    On top of that I don't want to mess the configuration and get DNS leaks or the Transmission runing out of the VPN......
    Also thinking on install Nextcloud so I can have acces to my files remotely but don't think it will work if all my traffic is routed trough VPN.

    The problem with keeping NordVPN runing on server is that is slowing down the streaming from Emby. Up to 720p I am ok bit higher it will keep buffering. This is one of the reasons I was looking at Transmission VPN. The second reason is that I am trying to see if there is any alternative to have remote acces to the server and. From what I learned I can't have the server running on client mode( via NordVPN) and server mode( OpenVPN plugin on OMV) at the same time. Also having 2 Nic's I will like to try to see if I can route Transmission VPN via one of the Nic and rest of the traffic with Open VPN for remote acces and home network acces on the second Nic....maybe by using 2 users and having Transmission runing on one user with the specific UID and the rest on the second user with user 2 UID......not even sure if it's something what can be achieve but still looking for info.

    Can you please let me know how I can add a specific server for Transmission VPN with Nord VPN or how to update the server database?

    About my work.......just a HGV ( truck) driver in the UK. Right now working on nights , 12h shifts so not to much time to learn but the passion never sleep and I love to challenge my self and learn new things.

    I am but.....think somewhere somehow I missed something or didn't understand properly.
    In the last 2 weeks I had to learn a lot about OMV , Linux , VPN , DDNS , Putty , Shellinabox , dockers .........and everything on top of my regular work.......and that's why I think somewhere I lost the track with all this new things. I didn't want to offend the forum members and I am aware about the fact that they are volunteers.
    Honestly I was looking for someone who can give me some advice and help me to understand what I am doing wrong. Tried to get on the iRC but I can't......
    Regarding the topic.....I didn't select any server because from the description I understand that the "app" will auto select the best server , and didn't see any option to add a specific server.....only the login details for the VPN provider. Also I installed the Nord VPN directly on the server via shellinabox so all the server traffic to be routed trough the Nord VPN and that worked( checked with Firefox on docker and I get the IP of the server selected) so it's something related to Transmission only.....In the meantime I deleted everything and reinstalled the OMV to make sure nothing will interfere with the Transmission VPN.
    But following your question "what server I choose" I have to double check all the informations and your video to see if I missed the step where I have to manually choose the VPN server.

    Hi all I just tried to install the Transmission VPN using my Nord VPN subscription but it's not working and can't find any info on how to check what's wrong.
    I followed @TechnoDadLife video but when I try to download the Ubuntu torrent I am getting "could not connect to tracker".
    Tried with a different tracker and didn't get this error but was stuck on "downloading" no data downloaded.
    In both situation after couple minutes when tried to reopen the web page couldn't acces it anymore.

    I am also running an openVPN on my Asus router for remote acces....disabled that one and now I a getting "IP address change detected" and also after couple minutes can't acces the transmission anymore..... ?(?(?(

    Ok so after trying many other variants I ended up by setting my router like VPN Server and using openVPN on my mobile phone.
    Is this a good approach or should I setup VPN server on OMV?
    From what I understand on how VPN is working with the VPN server on router my entire home network is protected and I can acces any of the devices behind that router. For other internet related browsing I am using Opera with it's own VPN.
    I know with this settings I can't hide my location but for secure acces on my home network hope is enough. The only question and concern is that as soon as "data" is leaving my router( the end of the tunnel) is not encrypted and can be seen.
    Any thoughts on this approach or which will be the best approach without loosing internet speed?

    Hi all , as per title I need help to choose and setup a VPN
    I am totally new to this and after 3 days of reading all my ideas I are mixed ....... if at the start looked easy now I am totally confused
    Most important thing is to be able to get a secure connection to my OMV from outside my network
    I've been trying to use one of the tutorial found on the forum and setup the openVPN on OMV like this

    Port : 1194
    Protocol : UDP
    Use compresion : yes ( was active by default )
    PAM authentication : no
    Logging level : normal usage output

    Address :
    Mask :
    Gateway interface : enp4s
    Default Gateway : enabled
    Client to client : disabled

    DHCP options
    DNS server :,,
    DNS search domain : nothing
    WINS server : nothing

    Public address : (name is my actual user)

    Saved , certificate created and downloaded

    I am using OpenVPN app on my android
    Imported and saved the certificate with no errors
    Stuck at <waiting for server>

    If I go on AiCloud ( default Asus app for network acces) I can see and all my network even using WOL and get files from folders but not sure how secure is this way
    Also I have an option to encrypt the connection with Let's encrypt..........

    My all network is behind an Asus RT AC88-U running Merlin software
    I am using DDNS on my router ( I guess everyone figure out from the public address)
    OMV has a static IP on my network but my ISP IP is dynamic even it didn't change for the last couple months

    For most of my browsing I am using Opera with VPN activated but on local network is deactivated and I can use this only for other things

    From what I understand about how the DDNS is working if I type <> I should get on my network or at least on my router?
    If thats the case I get no result from this < that site can't be reached>

    Need help to figure out which is the best way to go and how to setup this.
    I am definetly doing something wrong but can't figure out where my mistakes are

    If I understand correctly the root folder is like "Windows" folder , AppData is like "Program Files" folder and the plugins are like "programs" ( the .exe files).
    The docker been a plugin I assume that is also like a program( an .exe file on windows)
    If all this assumption are right then the best way is to have all dockers on one of the data hdd and not on the SSD with OS?
    Or the docker and similar plugins are essential parts and they need to stay with the OS and only the plugins like Plex , Transmission needs to go on the data HDD?
    Or should I have all plugins on the OS media and only to change the data for them on the AppData folder?
    If the latest is the way to do it how can I change this ( didn't find any video or tutorial on how to do it).

    Something new to learn 8o ....PuTTy.....

    I know about external fan controllers but I was looking to have something on the OMV mainly because the unit will be not that easy to reach at.

    Hi all , I just finish to install OMV with help from @TechnoDadLife . Everything went smooth with no issues at all and now need to move forward and setup all other small things. But before that I have some question to find the best way.

    Plugins and dockers are taking space from the same media where the system is installed?

    If I am using OMV backup utility to backup the system , if I reinstall from the backup , Iwill have all setings , plugins and dockers or is just the OS? I am planing to use a 64GB usb drive for OS backup.

    Seen on @TechnoDadLife that he created an "AppData" folder "outside" of the OS this something recommended, what is on that folder more exactly and how big can became over time?

    I have an external USB HDD which I plan to use it for weekly backups of the entire system. Can I keep it connected all the time over the USB and can I create a schedule for auto backup or it will be much safer to keep it disconnected and just plugin for backup.
    Also is there any option to create a backup but the same way if I would make copy paste of each folder? I just want to be able to use the 8TB HDD on a windows pc straight away and have exactly the same folders and not some strange files which I can only restore with the same software( plugin in this case) I did the backup.

    Sorry for the long post......

    Thank you all for your answers. It's great to still find forums where people are so open and helpful.
    I think I will get one of the HC2 at least to see how it's working and maybe to use it for transmission only and sync with the main server.

    The main problem I have with my setup is the noise from the fans. In total I have 5 fans on my case , 1 for CPU , 1 from the PSU and 3 PWM chassis. The board been a somehow vintage on the BIOS I have only 3 profiles : full , normal and silent. Even with silent activated still get a decent noise from fans. Didn't find any plugin yet which may help me tunning the fans speed and I was wondering if I really need all this fans. On a windows setup on the same machine I need all , but if running like server ? Looking at the fact that a lot of boards are fanless or they have only 1 fan for the CPU.

    Is there any plugin that can monitor and show the temps / fan speeds and let me change the fans speed ?

    Also is there any way to change the background/size on the page where I input the root and password( not sure the name)? My dispaly is a fully white/milk colour and if ai want to use "omv-firstaid" I am typing blindly as I can't see anything.

    Still digging on the forum and trying to get the informations about this.

    Maybe a noob question but how do you use this 5 ( or the 4 with OMV) ? Are they separate servers or some how they form a single server? What about transcoding ( I know this is one of the most power hungry operation) they can handle 4k or at least full hd ?
    Allready have one external 8tb hdd which I plan to use it to backup all other hard drives from the main unit weekly.