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    Hi all just start to build my own NAS and after long search I decide3the OMV will be the best for my needs.
    For now I am just using an old PC to "play" and learn about. My setup right now
    - Gygabite G1 Sniper mobo ( lga 1366 , 6 x so dim , 6x Sata3 , 2 x Sata 6 , no video on board )
    - Intel I7 960 quad core
    - 3 x 4GB DDR3 1600
    - Asus Amd R5 230 video card
    - 10Gtek® Intel 82576 Chip Gigabit Pcie ( the on board lan is not recognized by OMV and the only way to get the driver is trough installer but it is a Realtek based so I prefer Intel)
    - 2 x 3Tb 3.5" hdd
    - 1 x 1Tb 2.5" hdd
    - 1 x 32Gb SSD ( for OMV install)
    - 650W Psu
    I know that is not the ideal hardware but at least is something that I can start with.

    The main use for the NAS will be file storage/sharing , Plex or similar and other "goodies" in the feature depending on the resources needed and functionality.

    What I want to achieve : streaming video( full hd and blu ray rip maybe some 4k ) to 2 - 3 devices ( I know the transcoding will be the biggest problem) , backup 2 desktop and 1 laptop and torrent client.

    Right now I am looking for a good alternative energy efficient to run 24/7. Don't think I can change something on my setup so most probably I will have to go with a SBC or a different mobo and CPU.
    What are this days the best performance/price options for my needs please?