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    I bought new hard drives, and since it's been a while, I've reinstalled OMV from the 2.1 ISO and did all upgrades and so on. I created a RAID 5 array with 4 3TB WD Red drives, and waited for it to sync. One of the issues in my previous install is whenever I would reboot the server, the array would be degraded and missing a disk - I was hoping this reinstall with a new array would fix it. Since the previous install was an upgrade from 1.x, I thought some issues might have crept in.

    But anyway - I waited for this new array to sync, created an ext4 FS, and rebooted. Lo and behold, the same issue:

    I went back to the web UI, and I can recover the array, but this is really annoying. I had a previous thread with the same issue, but can't find it now.

    Basically - what do I need to do for my array to withstand a reboot? And to avoid the "SparesMissing event" emails I will get once the rebuild finishes?

    mdadm output:



    Well, I just had to reboot and I got the same thing - mdstat complains there's a "removed" disk, I re-add the new one I bought, and it's off to rebuild again! Do I need to "save" the array's configuration somehow? Isn't adding it on the WebUI enough? And I'm pretty sure I'll get the "spare missing" or whatever post again when the rebuild ends.

    Please help :/ I'm on OMV 2.1.25

    I've had a drive on my RAID5 array go bad. I replaced it, formatted the new one (GPT, since it's 3TB), and added it to the array using the webUI. Took a long time to sync, but it was working fine.

    Then I got a SpareMissing event email, so I edited mdadm.conf to set spares = 0, and it was all good.

    But recently, I had to reboot the server, and the array was back to 3 devices with a failed one (removed). So I re-added my new hard-disk, and waited for the resync to finish (again) - this time I didn't get the SparesMissing event email, but now I'm worried... will this happen again on reboot? It takes a long time to re-sync... :/ using OMV 2.1.23 now.

    My array (/dev/md127 - sda is the new drive):

    My mdadm.conf:

    Any help appreciated!


    I can't get btsync to run using the plugin from the OMV-Extras repo. I get

    Anyone seeing this too?


    I've been getting these errors on my OMV 0.5 install for a while now. These are the only instances on dmesg since bootup 36 hours ago:

    I tried using "noapic" on the kernel command line to get rid of it (saw it online somewhere) but it keeps coming back. It's always on ata3, which I determined to be /dev/sdc from using this script:

    ls -l /sys/block/sd* \
    | sed -e 's^.*-> \.\.^/sys^' \
    -e 's^/host^ ^' \
    -e 's^/target.*/^ ^' \
    | while read Path HostNum ID
    echo ${ID}: $(cat $Path/host$HostNum/scsi_host/host$HostNum/unique_id)

    (I assume /dev/sdX assignments persist between boots)

    The SMART info for the disk is OK. I sometimes hear a disk in my array making whirring sounds, I assume it's this one. It might just be the disk respinning since the SATA link resets, but it sounds more like a quick click.

    Running OMV 0.5.25 on the backports 3.2 kernel. Sapphire Pure White E350 mobo with 8GB RAM. Boot SSD (60GB) + 4x 2TB Seagate Barracuda ST2000DM001. I have a PCIe card from ASUS to have extra SATA and USB3. LSPCI and LSUSB outputs:

    Has anyone seen this before? Please help...


    I have switched from a PCIe network card back to my motherboard's builtin one, and now the OMV graphs still show eth1 instead of the graphs for eth0 (which I'm using now).

    I looked at the config.xml file, and I tried changing the only occurrence of eth1 to eth0, and that makes eth0 show up on the "status" section of OMV's UI, but I just get a graph bar image with a sad looking smiley over them... is this because I need a matching UUID on the XML for eth0? If so, how can I determine it?

    Thanks for any help!