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    Hello, i've been reading all the posts of raspberry pi 3b+ installations, and i got it all working. What happens now is that i want it to use via wifi (even though it will be very slow).
    I've assigned 2 different IP for each of the controllers in my router, for ethernet and for wifi. When i got it wired up, i can access both IP's to get to the web GUI. When i re-boot the RPi with out the Ethernet cable, my router seems to detect it, but i can't access it, not even with PuttY.
    If i reconnect the ethernet cable when it's been rebooted with out it, after some seconds, it starts working. I don't understand why, because i've set up all the wifi credentials using the command: nmtui. I also have set the IP as static in the router using the MAC address of both the ethernet and wifi modules.
    Here you can see that my router has given it the correct IP, but when using the arp -a utility of Windows doesn't show it as a given IP.

    Hope i've been clear enough :/
    Thanks in advance


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