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    Hi Folks!

    Have the same problem on my freshly installed OMV4. The above solution didn't work for me ;( . Any suggestions?


    I found a solution. I have deactivated HPET in BIOS (ACPI Configuration).

    especially when connecting from another system

    But I don't want to connect from another system. I want to have graphic and sound output from OMV hardware over HDMI

    In order to display a desktop environment or browser or whatever on a tv from your OMV system, you would need a full desktop environment installed (not recommended) negating the need for docker.

    OK. My assumption was, that all desktop components are inside the container (I'm very new to docker). Thx for clarification. I didn't want additional hardware, since my omv machine is right next to my TV. Seems, that I have to use my laptop in future for streaming browser movies.

    as far as I understand you, your plan is to install KODI ( to see movies on your TV) & OMV in the same hardware. is it?

    In general, yes. But as I wrote, a simple browser would be sufficient. I know, that I can stream movies from OMV to my TV over Plex or Emby. What I additionally want is to be able to stream movies directly from browser (which runs on my OMV hardware) and output it to TV via HDMI.

    I'm confused. Here and here it sound like it should work in docker. And as far as I understood it right, using docker means no perforformance loss compared to a VM.

    But for 90% of my needs it would be sufficient to run a browser (chrome, firefox). How could I achieve that? Would it be possible to output it then via HDMI to my TV?

    Hi there!

    I would like to have an desktop environment on my omv. Since the machine is near to my TV, I would like to connect it via HDMI (mainly for streaming videos from browser).

    I have learned, it's not recommended to install a desktop environment over omv. I also read in several forums, that it would be possible to start DE from a docker image. But here I'm stuck to run it properly. I already installed docker-gui plugin. I was also able to download a docker image (mviereck/x11). But I didn't manage to get it to work. Can someone walk me through proper configuration of the docker image and explain me how to get an working DE?[b][/b]

    I could not update the BIOS, but at least I managed to update the firmware. And it helped as well. Thanks a lot for your help! :thumbsup:

    I've been to early pleased ;( The firmware update didn't resolve the situation. Now it's waking up after 20-30 minutes X(

    Hi Folks!

    I had omv2 for years in use. I configured it to be awaken by WOL just for backups and going afterwards to suspend mode using the autoshutdown plug-in. But recently it wakes up just after a couple of seconds after going to suspend mode (by autoshutdown). Anyone an idea what is going wrong? Today I updated (fresh install) to omv 4.1.12. Nothing changed, I have still the same issue. Hope you can give me some advice.

    Additional information: I also use wakealarm and rsnapshot plug-ins for daily/weekly/monthly backups. Autoshutdown is configured to stay awake for one hour (08.00-09.00).