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    I was planning to install Debian on an SSD, but now I see that it wouldn't be bad to install it on a smaller (32GB) USB flash drive, and use the SSD for data. I have two USB 3.2 ports on the back of the motherboard, and I have USB 3.1 USB memory, so I'm wondering if that's ok and can I expect speeds like on an SSD?

    Which case could you recommend?

    Node 304 is too big for me. I watched Cooler Master NR200, but it also seems kind of big. I don't plan to install a graphics card.

    I plan to install only 2 SSDs and 2 3,5 "HDDs


    I bought a Cooler Master NR200

    Is it batter to use this adapter or 2 sata3 Connectors by ASMedia ASM1061 which are on board?

    I read some comments that those connectors broke down very quickly.

    Does anyone have more experience with these ASMedia ASM1061 connectors on Asrock motherboards?

    I forgot to mention that I have OdroidHC2 and OdroidXU4 in the Cloudshell2 case and that they work well, but they are bothered by the lack of RAM and if I have more dockers running then they become slow. If I make a NAS now from these components I listed I should have better performance?

    Asrock website says that this matherboards support both 8 and 16 GB modules.

    If anyone has an Asrock J4125-itx, please write which memory you have?

    It’s time to put together a slightly stronger DIY NAS so I need your help in choosing the components.

    The first dilemma is to buy an Asrock J4125-itx or Asrock J5040-itx motherboard.

    I don't need any video transcoding, but a slightly stronger NAS with a larger number of running docker containers.

    I think that the Asrock J4125-itx is enough for my needs, and it is about 25% cheaper.

    For a start, I plan to buy 8 GB of RAM, and over time, if necessary, add another 8 GB of RAM. Both boards have space for two memory modules.

    Each board has 4 SATA3 ports, two of which are Asmedia, so I'm wondering if this is a problem or do they work most normally?

    My biggest doubt is about the power supply.

    Buy some SFX power supply or buy some quality picoPSU?

    The desire is to assemble a silent NAS so I’m not sure how the SFX power supply fits into that? As far as I can see, some SFX power supplies up to 30% of the load work in silent mode, and that for a 450W power supply would be around 150W in silent mode, which is more than enough for my NAS.

    I know it would be easiest to buy a ready-made solution such as a Qnap or some other NAS on which I can install OMV, but I think the DIY variant offers me more options, and I am also aware that it will cost me something more in the end.

    Is it possible to edit OMV web ui?

    I want to hide S.M.A.R.T from web ui because when I use this function my system (Odroid XU4 in Cloudshell2) freezes.

    I can create connection between server and client and it work ok.

    For rsync only it will be ok but I cannot access LAN on client side.

    For now I did not have any luck to connect two wireguard servers.


    If is better for backup to have only connection between wireguard server and client I can install wireguard server for this "client" network on some of my raspberrys or on homeassistant ...