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    I tried Ubuntu 19.10 last night. Is it possible that if I use a little wifi dongle and install omv, it'll do it's updates that way then I can just unplug the dongle and run it wired?

    As far as kernels I'm not sure, just whatever comes with the downloads, I don't know how to change that stuff.

    I'll try that. It's not that Linux doesn't work, just nothing detects the lan chip. I looked at the debian site and compatible hardware and I couldn't find it. I tried Ubuntu, same thing. I can get it to load to the desktop, but no lan. I've been googling and trying to figure out how to load a driver from the Intel website, they have Linux drivers listed for it, but I've got no clue how to use them. It's an adventure in learning I guess.

    So the Acer website has drivers for redhat Linux... Which probably isn't useful. As for as omv5 it dumps me to a busy box prompt after failing to load on a new install.
    Any other thoughts before I toss it in the bin? I knew was too good to be true haha.

    So I recently picked up an Acer ac100, with a Xeon e3-1260L and 8GB of ecc ram. When installing from an image though omv isn't recognizing the Intel nic that's on the board, any way to install it manually? It's an Intel PHY 82579LM. I get a huge list of drivers to choose from, but the Intel igp one doesn't work. I'm mostly new to Linux but know a bit of basic command line stuff but any help would be appreciated!

    Hi everyone! I've been doing some reading about reliable backups and am looking to make some changes but I'm not sure where to begin. Right now I have an odroid-xu4 and a USB docking station that holds two wd gold drives. They are set up as a mirror(I know I know) and I have a separate external hard drive that is a backup to those mirrored drives. I'm thinking of ditching the mirror. Having a single disc backup on my odroid box with my offline USB hard drive that I backup manually when I add photos to my growing pile, and a cloud backup seems to be a good idea. I'm just trying to figure out if there is software that can keep my three backups all synched up. I'll dump the pictures on my computer, the odroid will back up the new pictures to my wd gold, and to my USB drive when I connect it, then upload them to something like dropbox or google drive. Does something like this exist?