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    So I'm changing over from RAID5 to UnionFS and eventually snapraid.
    I made a pool from the UFS plugin pooling some empty 4tb drives, copied a bunch of data from my backup drives, and now I added another drive to the pool that has a lot of content on it. I structured the file system the same way, /Media/TV Shows and while the SMB share shows all the data there if I search that drive specifically, The Pool share does not show any of that data from the newly pooled drive.

    Is there something I need to do to sync? Should I delete the pool and readd it with all the drives? In the GUI the filesystem shows the proper amount of storage and space used in the pool. I have already rebooted the system to properly remount the drives.

    Power went out today and my server ran out of battery. Booted it back up RAID is clean, file systems are all mounted. Plex shows the media but tells me the drive isn't mounted when I go to play it...

    it worked just fine before all this. I can access the files via windows explorer and play so the files okay. I'm assuming i'm having a permission issue and honestly I had permission issues when i set up the docker after OMV5 upgrade. I had to reset and play around with permissions and acl's to get it to work properly and I'm pretty sure I have a mess of permissions that I should straighten up.



    From my research the M.2 slot will only with with UEFI and UEFI sometimes causes issues with OMV is this correct? I just put one in my desktop and it may be a placibo affect but i swear boot and loading times are much better.

    I really only use OMV for plex. and I partition my SSD for the OS on one part and a data partition for plex and whatever other databases I may encounter. Will a see a big difference between a regular SATA SSD and a M.2 NMVe SSD?

    Trying to plan for the upgrade from omv4 to 5. My Biggest thing is I want to keep my plex database in tact. Would I just backup the database, then restore to the new location once the docker is set up? I should be able to keep the files on the data partition of the SSD and only install the update on the os portion right? I of course would have a backup of the whole SSD just in case.

    Right now I have my SSD partitioned for my OS and the rest is for docker / plex / whatever.

    I've been messing around with Virtualbox. I've tried installing Windows and Ubuntu. Windows it shows the ISO is running in the preview box.. trouble is clicking on console doesn't do anything but give me a blank popup. Through my searches I've found this is a common problem because java has been depreciated or something of the sort. trouble is i can't remote in to get it installed. I set network up with bridge to bond0 and it won't give it an IP just or something of the sort. I've been searching my butt off. Any ideas?

    :?: why, I said in post 11 that you cannot hot swap the drives!!

    When you say you've got it going can you you explain? That thread is different to what you have done.

    I think we were using the term hotswap. I was probably using it wrong. I was using the term as in can I pull the drive out and insert a new one without shutting OMV off. so it didn't even occur to me until it was too late that I might need to remove the disk from the raid before I shut down and pull the disk.

    mdadm --assemble --verbose --force /dev/md127 /dev/sd[abcdef] is what got the array to show for me. i then wiped the new drive and rebuilt the array.

    Here's all this info for you. should I make a new thread? I feel like I'm a simple command away from it working. lol

    No, not with mdadm, there are a few threads on the forum where users have 'tested' a failure by simply pulling a drive, on reboot the raid comes back as inactive and has to be reassembled, then it will appear as clean degraded, they have to go through the process that you have just done.
    Sorry yes the info looks OK the raid is back to normal.

    So I shut down. removed the bad drive, put a good drive in powered it on and it shows all my disks but I have nothing under RAID. It doesn't show any arrays Ideas?