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    I want to make my OMV on my RPI a download server. Which means I want to be able to go to a link ( an download a File from a folder.
    Is there a possibility to do this with OMV?
    I already looked at Extensions like downloader or BitTorrent but they only download the files from other webpages to your OMV.
    I want to download from my OMV to my Computer.

    Is there a way to access files on my OMV via the Hostname?
    My OMV identifies as "vault" to the Network, it also gets shown as "vault" in the Network tab in Windows-Explorer. But when I click on it, it says that the Networkpath wasnt found. I also tried typing in \\vault\public in the Windows-Explorer but it still cant access it. Everything works normal when I use the IP-Adress \\x.x.x.x\public.
    How can I make my OMV accessible by its Hostname?