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    Speed up your system? No, that would be highly unlikely.

    How long it would take? The filesystem check when you first boot I would anticipate taking at least 10min. The actual resizing... That's hard telling. It may not take as long as I'm thinking since the whole latter part of the drive is basically empty and all it has to do is be extended.

    1 sounds easier so I'll go with that.

    Any idea around how long 1 would take? If we did 2 would that also speed up my system? Just trying to think of pros and cons. Which is easier? With my history of issues thats better lol

    Okay so first follow those steps after caution and then try to format and mount that unallocated space

    Cant format or mount the unallocated space. It doesnt appear in the web ui

    With that way no need for g parted? The space would automatically combine into the new partition?

    This is what I get

    root@openmediavault:~# service docker stop

    Failed to get properties: Unit name cockpit-wsinstance-https@.socket is neither a valid invocation ID nor unit name.

    I think docker is stopped though bc both plex and transmission wont connect. Connection refused.

    It's hard telling without diving into your settings and drive mappings to be honest for the Plex container.

    PLEX_MEDIA_SERVER_APPLICATION_SUPPORT_DIR/config/Library/Application Support

    Not sure if that helps

    If it were me.. let me be clear on this, if it were me...

    I'd delete that extended partition (it looks like it is just swap). This will lead the whole latter half part of the drive unallocated. Expand the main partition (the yellow one) all the way to the end, leaving about 16-20gigs on the end.. save it. Then when that is done, that 16-20gigs at the end, make that your swap.

    That is probably the fastest way to do this and since none of your grub files are moving, etc... you should still be able to boot afterwards.

    I noticed I had 2 different plex folders under shared folders. I deleted one of them via my pc and it was 4 gb in size. I thought that would free up space ion my install SSD but it hasnt. Its still showing as only 3 GBs free. Was I not correct? Im going to follow your advice on extending after I get this fixed.

    If you're gonna try the gparted route, that would be my suggetion, post a screenshot of gparted.

    Edit: Nevermind... I was thinking the unallocates space was much smaller.

    Move the other partitions to the right. Then you should be able to increase the size of the / partition.

    Maybe show a screenshot of gparted

    here is the gparted link

    I just dont want to lose my data especially the plex metadata and playlists. Plus if possible id like to be able to use that unallpcayed data.

    You can get the unallocated data partition and use it, as I said earlier you'd have to boot Gparted then expand the / into that space. Depending on how your drive is laid out, this may take an extremely long time... but it doesn't solve your problem. It's only like 15gigs of unallocated space. If your Plex database is 43gigs now, I can't imagine it won't be to much longer before it is 58, and you will be right where you are now.

    If your docker folder wasn't on your OS drive, that unallocated space would be completely irrelevant, as you probably would not even be using 10% of the root partition you have now.

    No the unallocated space is 164 gigs

    Honestly, it's kind of a pain to fix this after you've got all your dockers installed and set up. When I've screwed it up in the past, I used symbolic links, and it worked fine.

    You can try to move our containers folder (docker, under /var/lib/docker) to another, larger drive... and then change the path in the docker plugin, to the new path (which I'm assuming now is /var/lib/docker).. just make sure you use the absolute path (/srv/dev/something).

    Go nuclear, create a new container folder somewhere on our storage drives, point the docker plugin at it, then delete /var/lib/docker.. then restart docker... you'll be starting completely over at this point with docker

    So theres no way to get the unallocated data back? What if I were to put a new SSD inside. How would I go about transferring everything over and not having this unallocated data issue?

    Look at /var/lib/docker, it's taking up 93% of the partition

    Did you intentionally set up your containers to be stored on your OS drive? Looks like they are on your OS drive.

    You can try looking in Portainer, and see if you have some old images that need pruned... that will clear some space. My guess however, is Plex is probably just eventually going to eat up that whole partition.

    I pruned before just to be able to log back into OMV WEB UI which freed up 4 gigs. I didnt do that intentionally. Whats the best way to proceed? My Plex lib is always growing which is why I upgraded my SSD not realizing id run into the data issue.

    I'm not really sure, as a lot depends on how your drive is laid out...

    Personally before you go this route, I'd start here, and see if you can nail down what is filling up the drive and fix it.

    [How-To] Fix full OS filesystem - GUI login loop

    This is what I get:

    udev 8165944 0 8165944 0% /dev

    tmpfs 1637716 61972 1575744 4% /run

    /dev/sdk1 44800284 39191488 3303364 93% /

    tmpfs 8188576 0 8188576 0% /dev/shm

    tmpfs 5120 0 5120 0% /run/lock

    tmpfs 8188576 0 8188576 0% /sys/fs/cgroup

    tmpfs 8188576 0 8188576 0% /tmp

    folder2ram 8188576 5218672 2969904 64% /var/log

    /dev/md0 87545818312 42246448196 45299353732 49% /srv/dev-disk-by-label-Raid1

    folder2ram 8188576 0 8188576 0% /var/tmp

    folder2ram 8188576 1024 8187552 1% /var/lib/openmediavault/rrd

    folder2ram 8188576 16 8188560 1% /var/spool

    folder2ram 8188576 34576 8154000 1% /var/lib/rrdcached

    folder2ram 8188576 4 8188572 1% /var/lib/monit

    folder2ram 8188576 420 8188156 1% /var/cache/samba

    overlay 44800284 39191488 3303364 93% /var/lib/docker/overlay2/ffa80a208f49b944f21baa08d1d85f88fbddba935fdc5aad56537000076a976b/merged

    overlay 44800284 39191488 3303364 93% /var/lib/docker/overlay2/bef1f8280c45da711f7470535cdb7031f09ce3498e102d3b32b0be9d7562fc49/merged

    overlay 44800284 39191488 3303364 93% /var/lib/docker/overlay2/2f3de58b7e81bbb6fb41451eff719a873404f14edf903e79a583411d3304a55e/merged

    overlay 44800284 39191488 3303364 93% /var/lib/docker/overlay2/08a3f5ee33f1e2503d4ce02461e4327689af734be57b8808dccd920d63eb252b/merged

    overlay 44800284 39191488 3303364 93% /var/lib/docker/overlay2/1e839646a0b9c6abb7565e860baa63c0dde52da1094420a0decaabb049709ae0/merged

    overlay 44800284 39191488 3303364 93% /var/lib/docker/overlay2/301c4910f56cc3d4033ea47956fddd5737eaca956c5c9498c582a6fb7186dfa2/merged

    shm 65536 0 65536 0% /var/lib/docker/containers/d2c0a3005c3a349855897bb16ae14bd56f7e56b396c964237a3582afa4fc2589/mounts/shm

    tmpfs 1637712 0 1637712 0% /run/user/0

    overlay 44800284 39191488 3303364 93% /var/lib/docker/overlay2/280500a6cc04e97d176c25ee6a91cb4451c578ef23e80a3aceb94ca87b7dd577/merged

    overlay 44800284 39191488 3303364 93% /var/lib/docker/overlay2/18b57bf3c0e5d297340325feaeb978f9393cba54abdce850f031f4139e570188/merged

    43gigs is a massive amount of space for the / partition and OMV. If your system is configured properly, there's really no reason you should be using more than a few gigs. I've got quite a bit going on, and my system is just under 4gigs.

    I suspect something isn't configured correctly however if you're filling up a 43gig root partition (plex is storing its database on the OS drive, etc.). Only way I'd know to fix that situation, is to boot a Linux Live CD that has Gparted (Ubuntu, Mint, Debian all have this on their live CD's) and use Gparted to resize the / partition to take the unallocated space.

    Depending on how the drive is laid out however, that could take a LONG time.

    It might be plex. It may take time but I dont have a choice. Only 3 gigs free. Unless there is a way to check my config. I have gpart open. Would I have to make the unallocated space into a new partition first? It only lets me create as a new primary partition. then do I extend from ext4?

    How did you install and how large are your swap and root partitions? Typically, the installer takes part of the drive for swap, and the rest for /

    Not really sure how you ended up with the unallocated space.

    I do. I cloned my old usb when I upgraded to an SSD last year not realizing it would leave unallocated space. Ext4 is 43.66 gib, extended is 15.96 gib, and swap is 15.96 gib.