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    @DiNO, sorry can you tell me how can install OVM or debian with ovm package?
    I'm try and try but don't install.
    i've tha same board and 4GB kyngston mem. 30 GB ssd, for now and installation.
    My goal is to add 2 or 3 hd red

    excatly, no support for legacy mode.
    But also with debai there is a mistake.
    the install of debain 9.0.0 or 9.0.6 interrupt, same on centos7, same ubuntu/ubyntu server. Only start a live of xigmanas.
    I don't think that is broken motherboard because windows 10 works.
    It seems trhere's a driver issue but it's only my opinion.
    But, how can solve?

    Hi to all
    i'm new here.
    I've a j4105-itx, i want install OMV on this with 4GB ram and a kingston 30GB ssd.
    First attempt to installa OMV is failed and second and third for a uefi.
    After this try i've installed windows 10 without problem, update installed driver ad so on.
    Works well.
    But my goal is to installa OMV. I read this topic and try to install first a debian 9 netinst.
    The installation start, select install, screen goes black and load e module but at tsc service stop the process.
    The cursor blink for some seconds and then lock. The strang things that also led of lan of motherboard fix on.
    Nothing happen if i wait for hours, the unique operationthat i made is to hard poweroff the pc holding power button.
    If i start with live cd of xigmanas start and work, but i want openmedivault installed.
    Please help me.

    Sorry for my bad bad bad bad english.