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    The shared folder is the bottom one in this image right?
    I am writing data to that

    Sorry if that's not it, im fairly new to omv and don't understand the terminology.

    Tell us what the directory structure is on each of your drives and which directory are you writing to in the pool that isn't sending data to the other disks.

    Or if you don't understand my question and you just want to get it working in a less organized manner, then change the policy to Most Free Space.

    Ok, changed the policy to Most Free Space, and I still get the issue where I run out of room.

    If you use a create policy such as epmfs (existing path, most free space), then you must have the same directories on all drives you want to participate in the pool. Do you?

    Thanks for the answer but I'm afraid I don't know what you're trying to say. How would I add the same directories on all drives in the pool?

    Hello all, I have a union filesystem setup which pools all three of my drives together as show below

    So currently I have 1 drive with all of the data on it and it just hit max capacity, so in theory the files should now be sent to one of the other two drives but that's not happening. When I try to move a file over it says I'm not out space and doesn't even try to move it to the other drives.

    sdb1 is the main drive of the union filesystem and the new files should be moving to sdbc and sdd but they're not

    Anyone know why?

    Thank you.

    Sorry if this is the wrong area to post this.

    If you click mount in the filesystems tab, it shouldn't try to format them. It will only do that if you click create. Are the filesystems in the list in the FIlesytems tab?

    No, the disk only appear under the "Disks" tab, not under the File Systems. I can only see them under File Systems if I create a new file system.

    Hello all,
    Before I had to reset my server I had 3 external drives in OMV joined together in a union filesystem. I had to reinstall my server (switched over to ESXI) and now I can't seem how to mount those three drives without formatting. In OMV when I try to add a file system It wants me to format the drive I'm adding, which I don't want to.

    Does anyone know if it's possible to mount these drives or do I need to format them?


    Hello all,
    I recently got some new drives and I'm confused to how to add them into my current strip raid. I have the drive showing up under the drives tab but how would I add it to the current raid that I'm using. I don't want to copy everything over as that would take days.