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    Aug 3 16:53:00 networknas kernel: [ 76.926964] PM: Cannot find swap device, try swapon -a
    Aug 3 16:53:00 networknas kernel: [ 76.926974] PM: Cannot get swap writer
    Aug 3 16:53:00 networknas kernel: [ 77.017377] PM: Basic memory bitmaps freed
    Aug 3 16:53:00 networknas kernel: [ 77.017380] OOM killer enabled.
    Aug 3 16:53:00 networknas kernel: [ 77.017380] Restarting tasks ... done.
    Aug 3 16:53:00 networknas kernel: [ 77.083339] video LNXVIDEO:00: Restoring backlight state
    Aug 3 16:53:00 networknas kernel: [ 77.083345] PM: hibernation exit

    Via fstab you comment out with # swap line for flash memory. SYSlog give me this error after typing pm-hibernate via terminal. Nothing happens and you get back normal prompt... I read many logs and found this issue in syslog file. Cannot find swap device.

    Thereafter i delete # in swap line and get swap back and hibernate working! So i don't know now how to fix this really if there is an issue with flash memory.

    pm-suspend is the execute command. If you execute this via terminal, your system will suspend.

    I have the same issue. A can't wake up my system if suspended.

    If hibernate not working on your system then use shutdown. My system restart with WOL on shutdown. Shutdown is command: shutdown -h now. You can try this without to wait of autoshutdown.

    Now back to suspended issue:

    I found this: read PM-Utils Conflicts.

    I created file with disable_wol but it doesn't work. On suspend no WOL.

    I have no clue at the moment to fix this. I hope here is someone with more knowledge...

    Found the issue... My firewall settings will be well for OMV4 but not for OMV5. I delete all settings in my firewall and proftpd works again without any issue. I must resetup my firewall i think.

    After upgrade OMV4 to OMV5 proftpd isn't working or more for a short time:

    I can't find any issue. proftpd log is clean. After manual service stop, service starts again. FTP client connected short upload file and then disconnect.

    Maybe this was the important thing: 'proftpd' failed protocol test [FTP] at [localhost]:21 [TCP/IP] -- Connection timed out

    I have a problem with autoshutdown after upgrade from OMV 4 to 5. This is my log:

    Thereafter autoshutdown starts again like first start. It seems that all rules hits for shutdown, but this will never happen.

    OMV 5.5.4-1

    Plugin 5.0.4