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    Crappy powering situation (USB-C in dumb mode --> you need a really short USB-C cable with thick power wires or undervoltage will occur and your board becomes unstable) and all USB3 ports are behind an internal USB3 hub.

    FriendlyElac sells short (~30 cm) and relatively thick cable on their site as accessory
    Are there any issues with USB3 hub? Report shows speeds are decent. Indeed it might limit usage in some cases, yet we are discussing SBC, not a server-grade solution.

    I was very lucky with Google search today, one guy on Plex forums mentioned that he had the same problem due to HDD power management.
    Checked mine, everything was turned off. Set it to maximum performance and 60 minutes spindown time. Since then playback on 2 devices simultaneously works flawlessly (for 15+ minutes :))
    This is actually surprising as during problems with playback I had several torrents being downloaded. Can the HDD spindown between data writes? Sounds crazy to be honest, that's why I didn't suspect HDD.
    For reference, I'm using Nanopi M4 with old Seagate usb3 1tb HDD.

    I have same issue, though using Plex in Docker, version is newer.
    It is still unclear whether the problem is in network, Plex or OMV. But since direct play via VLC via sftp works almost perfect, I believe it is problem with Plex itself.
    Will investigate further this weekend.


    While I know wifi is not the best idea for NAS, I still want it to be enabled.
    After I set the config for wlan0 via GUI and press Apply I get an error:

    Failed to execute command 'export PATH=/bin:/sbin:/usr/bin:/usr/sbin:/usr/local/bin:/usr/local/sbin; export LANG=C.UTF-8; systemctl start 'networking' 2>&1' with exit code '1': Job for networking.service failed because the control process exited with error code. See "systemctl status networking.service" and "journalctl -xe" for details.

    This robbin@nanopim4:/$ sudo ip a add dev wlan0 killed network, had to reboot the device.

    Will appreciate advice what to try to fix.

    @tkaiser thanks a lot for support.
    The error I mentioned before disappeared when I reflashed the image. Third partition was already there (probably not removed during flash process by etcher).
    Since then I only encounter errors related to /tmp/, which are supposed to be fixed already. The workaround is to try to perform operation several times, it will work sooner or later.
    Also very annoying that after any considerable operation I need to reboot SBC, otherwise the are many errors in GUI. For example after software update, or docker GUI installation (Which only installs properly via SSH and fails to configure itself if installed via GUI)

    Yet great support makes OMV usable and eventually enjoyable :)

    Yes, how does the output of cat /proc/partitions or even better armbianmonotor -u looks like?

    armbianmonotor -u

    So there was a partition, thanks:

    However now I can't mount it via GUI with error:

    Actually I suffer from similar errors on other actions in GUI, for example when I try to enable User home directory

    This topic is number 2 in google with query "openmediavault emmc resize"

    @tkaiser I have emmc 16 Gb, 2 partitions are created (8Gb ttl), there is no third partition. Apparently there is no way to create it in GUI (emmc is not available for selection). Is it designed to be done through SSH? Or something went wrong with my flashing and I need to reflash? Would like to avoid this to keep the setup, however it is not critical.
    Parted does not show emmc with print command
    Also found this -
    But not clear if it will work with Nanopi M4/openmediavault 4, it is 5 years old now, also because somewhere on forums someone said to do things in GUI only as necessary inputs are being created in databases, etc.

    Will appreaciate advice, thanks.

    @ryecoaaron: I created an OMV4 image for NEO4 but also for NanoPi M4 and NanoPC-T4 again since the older images are using ext4 due to some meanwhile resolved bootloader problem. So please delete OMV_4_NanoPC_T4.img.xz and OMV_4_NanoPi_M4.img.xz on SF and add the three new images instead waiting at

    7f49dd40f9dfc82af8f0d83e7b48a3cc OMV_4_NanoPC_T4.img.xz
    85eebd6928bb20149cf81cc4fe4b5794 OMV_4_NanoPi_M4.img.xz
    538b598329b1016a3104c0692f24cda0 OMV_4_NanoPi_NEO4.img.xz

    Dear @tkaiser I've got a Nanopi M4 2Gb couple days ago, flashed your image and there is no output from HDMI. emmc/SD does not matter. Green led is flashing (a.k.a. booted succesfully)
    md5 sum of downloaded file matches. Flashed via etcher.
    Tryed to flash FriendlyDesktop and there is HDMI output.

    Any ideas what to try to fix?