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    Yesterday I managed to update the plex docker. I was looking around and just tried copying the URL in "Environment variables" from PLEX_DOWNLOAD and found out that the URL was outdated.. But I entered the right one "" and restarted the docker. Now I went from 1.14.X to 1.18X. As far as I can see, the old image contains the outdated URL and therefor I couldn't reach the download section.

    If you can't even update libraries, then something else is going on. My first thought is a permission issue somewhere, but as I said I do not use Plex, so I can't be much help here

    My mistake. i just removed a folder out of a library, updated, library, moved the folder back, updated library again and then it would detect it. First time I had that problem, so sorry about I brought that up. :)

    Thank you for the time you are using on me.

    Oh I did click the info button and tried to figure out the thing about a proper tag. Therefor I clicked into "Tags".

    I guess things just comes easier to some people. Well, I just checked the enviroment settings and I do have the version set to latest in there.

    I will remove the extra arguments now.

    What version of Plex are you on and what version of Plex do you think you should be updated to?

    When I enter settings on the server, it tells me that there is a new update. I'm running Version

    Another reason why I want to update is that I have a new problem, I can't update my libaries in plex. So it wont detect new content.. I guess it stopped working after I updated everything in "Update management", so the problem could be anywere, I just want to have the latest version of plex incase that it would help... You know trying one thing at a time.

    Hello, I just tried adding it but it wont update by the restart. Check image below, did I do it wrong?


    If you are using a proper tag then all one has to do is restart the container.

    Hello gferf

    Can you explain it for us newbies once and for all?

    I do also have a docker running with plex that I would like to update, but I'm afraid of ruin something by doing it wrong. The only thing I have tried is to "docker restart plexserver" and nothing updates. How do I know if I have a proper tag and what is it? What to do if I don't have a proper tag?

    Step by step, thank you in advance! :)


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    Did you solve the problem? Because I got the exact same problem even though I have a fully working plex running as a docker.. I keep trying entering the Docker tab but keeps geting the communication error. After a lot of tries I finally enter.

    Correct for the spare.
    For the performance issue, you should search for guides.
    Isolate the problem. CPU (top), IO (iotop or copy a file on the command line), network (iperf), ...

    Yes I did see it. I will search for guides.

    Long story short. The server used to run without problems, but suddenly when I put "pressure" on the nas by adding torrents and moving files, I lose connection to the GUI and bittorrent for a while. But my plex server keeps running without problems even that I cannot log in or change page. I did some updates in the GUI a while ago. Other than updating and fixing the raid, I havent done anything else..? I also have added more RAM to the motherboard because I only had 3GB. But that was already when the problem was here.

    Do you have a spare?
    Do you know, what this means?

    A short search revealed:
    Remove the "SparesMissing event"

    Thanks for your answer. I guess I should have searched better before creating last post.

    I guess a spare means another HDD ready to kick-in, in case of another HDD failure? I do not have this, so I changed the spare=1 to 0.

    I guess the problem is fixed now. But my performance issue for the server in general is likely not.

    "A SparesMissing event had been detected on md device /dev/md0."

    Output from mdadm.conf file:

    Is the definition correct or why do I keep getting emails from server?


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    Okey, I found out that I could "Recover" in OMV GUI under Raid management. Now it's clean again and running with 5 drives. But I keep getting emails from the NAS about the raid and my NAS is running slow. The connection is falling out sometimes and my Plex is lagging.

    How can I fix that?


    My raid went suddently missing.. I googled some commands regarding a missing raid and I managed to start the raid again with mdadm --assemble /dev/md0. But..

    mdadm: /dev/md0 has been started with 4 drives (out of 5).

    My sdf drives wont start. mdadm: no RAID superblock on /dev/sdf

    SMART says nothing is wrong with the drive. How can I get superblocks on again and what is it?

    Thanks in advance.

    My next move would be to edit config.xml.
    But let's see if somebody else has a better idea.

    Thanks. I'm looking for anything in the config now. Under filesystem appears only the correct drives, and right under where the mntent appears, I have deleted the mntent that refered to the old drive.

    Anyone else has an idea?

    I think the problem was that I formatted the drive in gplived before removing/deleting it in OMV.

    I managed to delete all of the sharedfolders, or more precise, I changed their path to the new raid, because they refered to the missing drive. So now I have a running raid with sharedfolders and it works fine, but some data/mounts is left in the system. So I'm not able to remove/delete more in the OMV GUI. And the leftovers is making my plexserver mad regarding the transcode thing.

    Okey, so now I have a running raid 5 (ext4 filesystem) and struggles to get my plexserver to run again. Where is my plex server information/settings located? Is it in those folders that I choose when mounted the image? config, for example?

    How can I save my plexserver if i want to remove all docker installations and install it again? I think the docker is refering to the old drive in some of its files...

    When I enter nano /etc/openmediavault/config.xml I can see my old drive (/dev/disk/by-id/ata-WDC_WD60EFRX-68L0BN1_WD-WXR1H26W98TW) is used instead of my new raid md0.


    1. I'm currently moving all of my data to another drives because I'm going to setup a raid 5 system. I have a docker running with Plex on where some settings/changes are made. Is there a way to move/pull/retrieve this docker and simply add it again on the new raid system? My plex is running on sdb which is about to be deleted.

    2. Is there a way to create shared folders/dockers such as "config" for plex on my main SSD /sda instead of running plex on a storage drive, sdb?

    3. Which filesystem should I format my storage drives to when making a raid 5? ext4?

    Appreciate your help.