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    Thanks for the advise, I think I will run OMV directly since my hardware isn't that powerful, and I want most of system resources to for OMV. However, I had some issue during installation of OMV using OMV ISO. Basically BIOS doesn't recognize the USB bootable I created(I have tried all of these: rufus, etcher, win32diskimg, UNetbootin).

    I did some research, looks like the MoBo combo I have is having some issue loading OMV EFI usb. There are quite many people using the similar mobo combo are having the same issue. Are you aware of this situation?

    I am currently trying to install OMV on top of debian 9 minimal system, and I read your previous comments on this, you mentioned there are some unnecessary packages even with debian minimal installation, my question is, will these extra package have any performance penalties with my OMV?

    Thanks in advance, I really appreciate your input.

    Hi, all the experienced member of the forum

    I am trying to build my first DIY NAS, and using ASROCK J4105 to build it, along with 8 GB of RAM, 1 on board NIC, and one intel PCIe NIC.

    I have been struggling on whether to install OVM as a VM under Proxmox VE, or run OVM standalone on the given hardware, and use virtualbox plugin to run VMs for my testing. All these VMs should not require too much resources, but some do require PCIe or USB passthrough.

    Can you guys please give me some advice or thoughts? Much appreciated.