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    Tried putty yesterday, not working. It looks like ssh is disabled, but it's enabled.
    Shellinabox, putty, WinSCP and also terminal in omv web gui - all not working.
    Not sure, maybe I broken something by chmod when trying to delete files from sd card?

    Rebuilding is a good idea, who knows how many things I broken? :)

    Thanks a lot, crashtest.
    SD card OK.
    WinSCP was very usefull because it was not possible to start urbackup' web gui. Also NAS was not visible in a Windows 10 under "network".
    Tommorow will try to add permission to folders. Today WinSCP stop to work (server connection closed). Also shellinabox don't work (session closed after typing login).
    Too many problems for one day :) need some break.

    Thank you crashtest.
    It's OMV4.
    I really put new backup storage path before trying to do new backup, but missing /sharedfolders/media/...
    Now I can't start web interface of urbackup: ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED
    Probably I have to delete or move more files from SD card.
    What I did:
    mv /var/urbackup /sharedfolders/media
    mv /var/backups /sharedfolders/media

    My SD card is still full of data and I guess that is the reason why there is no access to urbackup via www and docker is no working. I have to learn more linux command...

    Any suggestion what to delete/move from mmcblk1p2?

    cd /var
    cache folder2ram lib local lock log log.hdd mail opt run spool swap tmp www


    Hi guys.
    On my omv I've enabled urBackup service. On my W10 machine i've installed urBackup client. I've started full image backup and got error about not enough space to finish this process.
    Why backup storage path is linkin to SD card? How to change this and how to delete image from SD card?