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    Thanks, I found a thread using "/" that seemed to answer my question. Does one still need to create a cron job for this to work or is there a default that is created when the setup is created?

    I am a new user of OMV 4. I have a few shares on my raid 5 that I wish to backup to a usb drive that is permanently attached to box.
    I have downloaded and installed the rsnapshot plug-in. I have looked for different how-to on this plug-in and can't find a comprehensive one. I did find a site "gentoo linux wiki" that was a start.
    At this point, for lack of instructions, I have mounted my USB drive as ext4 with no directories or shares.
    Some questions:
    1) do I need to setup a instance "Add+" for each share that I have and want backed-up or can I group them together somehow.
    2) do I need to create a folder in the backup drive for every share I want to backup (one on one relationship) or can I use one "backup" folder.
    3) what are the other steps needed to have this purring along with default backup settings.
    Any help would be appreciated.

    I have been following this thread and others on the subject. I am new to OMV as I got tired of having to reset my connector between win 10 and Server 2012.
    I first ran this new server with SMB 1.0 switched on in Win 10. Then I read the named threads and starting working away from that scenario. I have followed the workaround and keep getting an error "Win cannot access \\server" "The network path was not found". I run the Diagnose app and then it finds the server and my Shares. I do have a Quick Access link to the \\server (that's how I start the access).
    I am running Win 10 Build 18290, so things may be a little different.
    When I click on a Dir on my server in Explorer (once it has found it), then the "server" appears under Network Section. This occurs every time I re-invoke File Explorer.
    I will try to figure out how to implement flmaxey's server side suggestions.

    Hello All,
    I am a neebie with OMV. I am running a bunch of win 10 boxes that used to be hooked up to Win 2012 server. The setup is raid 5 using SMB.
    I have no problem seeing and handling the shares from my Win 10 (Build 18290)(had to turn on SMB in Windows Features).
    The problem I am having is migrating all my stored files that I uploaded to different Win boxes back to this new server.
    In particular, when I upload directories (with subs and files) onto the different OMV Shares, the upload process will stop during the process for no apparent reasons (showing 0 transfer rate). Stopping/restarting/deleting the download process in the Win 10 applet box will not do anything. The graphical history of the download stays there until I reboot both boxes. For small uploads (< 1 Gb) there in no problem, but when the transfers are into the 3-4 Gigs size, it crashes (stops).
    Has anyone encountered this problem. Is there a better way to uploads large directories from Win 10 to OMV? I have tired the documented Cloud Commander, but it is not practical with outside drives.
    BTW, I followed the TechnoDadLife video on installing this NAS and thank him for his efforts.