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    Thank you for your reply! Basically I only need a VPN to connect to my home network from the outside through my raspberry pi...what I see here it is much more than that it includes also transmission? On top of this I do not have a custom VPN provide (like NordVPN or similar). Is there a more simple docker out here with just the openvpn (like the plug in OMV which does not work anymore).

    I used ledokun/armhf-docker-transmission-openvpn:latest It worked perfectly for me.

    Could you please tell me where to get this openVPN for armhf (rpi 3B+) docker and how to set it up in OMV? The plug in doesn't work anymore for me and I was looking for a replacement in docker but couldn't find anything for arm/raspberry pi.

    When I had the openVPN plugin up and running I could put all those settings as you wrote above... and indeed they work. Now with the docker and openvpn I dont know where to put the setting and how to configure openvpn with docker for Raspberry pi.

    I am also a beginner with omv, rpi, linux :)


    Could you please tell me if this also works with raspberry pi?

    Since the openVPN plugin won't work for me anymore after an omv update, I switched to docker and transmission-openVPN from the image "ledokun/armhr-docker-transmission-openvpn" and followed the instructions form techno dad life video "How to Install Transmission with VPN on Openmediavault with Docker". The problem is that I don't know how to configure openVPN in that docker container... for the moment it does not work for me.

    I only use VPN to access my network from outside... so I have no custom VPN provider and since the plugin is dead I want to switch to docker.

    It seems they working currently on their repo (read it in Forum). Also my Plex told me i have to install the Update manual.

    I have downloaded the latest Plex .deb and installed it manual. It seems all to work without any issues so far.

    Could you please post the procedure on how you manually updated the plex with the latest .deb file?

    I am currently running my plex media server on a raspberry pi 3B+ and when I try to manually upload the downloaded .deb file I get error Nginx: 413 – Request Entity Too Large.
    ... and yes I am a beginner with OMV, pi and plex :)

    Thank you!


    I want to use a VPN to connect to my home network when i am abroad. I am using OMV 4 with a raspberry pi 3 and followed the instructions from this thread but i am getting stuck at "there was an error attempting to connect to the selected server"

    when trying to connect with open vpn android app and the imported certificate.

    I have done the following so far:

    1. Installed openvpn 4.0.1 plugin and enable it

    2. Make configurations as it was mentioned in the posts so far.

    3. Create and download the certificate

    4. forward port 1194 in my router

    5. Import and aces the certificate within the openVPN andoid app.

    when i do the last step i get the error/notification mentioned above: "there was an error attempting to connect to the selected server".

    When i do this i am within my network... but it is the same if i try to access it from outside.

    I have a dynamic Ip but i have configured a functional dynamic DNS service.

    Could you please give me some advice as to what i am doing wrong here? There are some screenshots attached.

    Thank you very much!