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    I installed OpenVPN in Raspberry and in a HP Proliant and I have the same problem.

    • Connecting to OpenVPN through my telephone 4G net is possible to connect to OMV
    • Connecting a tablet or computer with my telephone tethering is possible to reach OMV, in wifi or bluethoot mode
    • Connecting a computer, a telephone or a tablet through Wifi (from my work, hotel or free) I can navigate, google.... search which is my ip and checking that is mine, but I can't connect to OMV. I can work with the folders connected via "connect net folder" (Windows)

    If I use Zerotier I don't have any problem.

    Any idea?


    I installed Home assistant in Docker with the great instructions of Tecno Dad Live -> Install HomeAssistant

    In the video he give instructions to add a port using the "Extra args" as -p 8123:8123 This port is for the port 80

    I need to use SSL (https:) for some configurations (install Google Home with code) and it's impossible to me to configure the ssl in that docker

    Any ideas?


    Well, after fight with my connection I think that I have to tell something in case it can help others. Check your cables.

    I did not realize that I had cables mixed between ethernet cat5 and cat 5e. This, I think, caused a bottleneck and did not allow good connections over samba.

    Please check this before you start modifying things.

    well, my fist question in the post was about if the server crash. Then the users said the best thing is make a software raid than a hardware raid. That is what I made. 3 disks connected to the motherboard sata ports and Raid 5 is made with OMV. The 2 SAS disks in p400i array are raid 0. One of them is the system disk.

    Then if I have all backupdated with external disks, what do you recomend?

    Which 'RAID'? And what is the purpose of this setup?

    Hi tkaiser.

    I’m new in servers and NAS world. I’m autodidact I think as most of the people of this forum.

    I have a lot of personal information like photos, music, videos in various hd. These are my masters and backups.

    I wanted a system to share them with family and other kind of files have, accessible if I’m out of home.

    In the other hand, I have my 3d printing company. We use Solidworks for the projects and we work with to store and share with other members. Also we give 3d printing courses with videos and other kind of material. In this case, I want the server to store the clients projects which we are not working at the moment but I want to access them online if I’m not in office in case I need them.

    This first server is designed to first backup and access to company files and my intention is have external hd to backup these important files.

    Other projects I have in mind with the server is have homeassistant for domotics projects and other things.

    When I started to learning about NAS, Synology, Qnap systems everybody recomends RAID systems. In OMV the same. Why I use RAID? Well, as I have readed in forums is a way to have a large capacity hd and protected if one of them cracks. I know that is not a backup system. Is a way of not loosing all the information at the same time and have to start again even if I have all the information in my backup disks.

    All this things that I try, I’ve done it with raspberry for learning, and having them in the same server as you can do in synology, qnap or OMV is for me a good way.

    My RAID is RAID 5 and the purpuse of this setup is that my server is 10 years old, it cost me 230€ and the vendor gave me, one server in good condition (is one I use), another one, the same model with the power supply exchanger (I don’t know how to say it in english) malfunctioning, one 3,5 cage, 2 array cache 250mb for array p400i (the batteries are out) and 2 external array p410. I took the memory and the processor of the bad server and put in in the good one. I don’t know how long will live this server...

    I want to learn more about servers and I think this is a good way to start. Then, the information in the server is not critical as I have it in backups.

    In other post you dubted if I need a RAID. Which other options do you recomend to do this? I’m open to learn.


    Well, done!

    I have installed 3 3TB HD in RAID on motherboard SATA removing the backplate of my 3,5 cage. (HP says that is the maximum disk capacity I can install for disk)

    One of my SAS disk is system disk trought the P400i array and the other SAS I want to us it as a System backup.

    After near 9 hour of mount, all seems is ok.


    This is the service manual look from page 39 you will have to remove the backplane otherwise any hard drive within the drive cage will plug in to the P400.

    Yes. That is no problem for me. The os hard disk can go with the P400. I have anothone cage for 3,5 sata drive. I will remove the backplane and connect directly to MB SATA for the 3,5 disks.

    Is it right?

    I have been working (playing) with the server. I installed a hdd to the SATA MB ports and OMV recognized it. The hd is broken, I know it, and I could’nt format but OMV tried. I think then, that is ok.

    I have the operating system running in the original SAS cage throught p400i controller at the momment.

    If I use the sas cage as os and install the new hdd’s installed to the SATA MB, I think I could do the software raid. Is it?


    OMV in a pi is a great form to introduce to the NAS world. I use one of theses at home. I tried things and learn how to configure things with OMV.

    Thanks to that, now I’m mounting a server just to learn about raid, and other things, and I use my Rasp, to download and movie server.

    I know that are another programs or OS to serve movies to my home but I’m happy whith it, and enought at the moment.

    Probably what the forum has to say about pi omv, that is for non production server or to learn.

    I’m learning OMV with my Raspberry and a HP ML350 gen6 server. In HP I use the array p410 buck for discs.

    I didn’t find anything about what to do if I have a hardware fail like motherboard dies.

    Probably what I have to do is change the drives to another server?

    Thanks for your help.