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    Thanks for that information!
    Still running a very slow OMV system. If I do a reboot the performance is a lot faster, but after a few hours it is slow again.
    Is it because of the many dockers that my system is running so slowly?

    Hello I am new to openmediavault but I have a litlle experience with debian as a headless homeserver.
    I have OMV4 installed on a passive E350-ITX mainboard with 6gb ram.
    With my previous debian setup I ran Transmission, Emby, sonarr radarr, tvheadend, etc with no isues.
    With the new OMV setup everything runs very SLOW.
    I have tried to install Jellyfin the normal way (command line) but that failed. But I have read here on the forums that the 'new way' of installing applications is via a docker.
    I am new to docker, but I have installed bazarr, jellyfin, ombi, radarr, lidarr, sonarr and deluge.
    When I acces the webui of the applications everything loads slowly.
    I don't know what i am doing wrong.

    The green memory-bar is always at 90% of the 6GB Ram installed.
    I have included messages.txt with a lot of errors the syslog-file was to big to upload here.

    IS there someone that can help me a hand? :)

    Kind regards


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