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    Prior to the update executed on my systems on 27-05, the script variable $HOSTNAME was filled with "<system name>.<domain name>", since that update (and without me changing anything), it is filled with "<system name>", so without ".<domain name>". As I use it in scripts and email message filters, this change is an unpleasant surprise, especially since I can't find any documentation about it. Can somebody please point me to the documentation about this change and/or the reasons for it?

    Did the link to the pull request not prove that I am doing this? Oddly enough, I still have not run into this issue. But maybe I keep using the 64bit image which does not use raspbian packages - it is pure Debian.

    Apologies, I misunderstood. And I am only running into this issue on one of my two installations. Due to some corruption I had to reinstall one last Saturday and on that one the problem crops up. The problem does not show on the other installation, which was last reinstalled last September.

    The only packages that an RPi should use from debian-backports are cockpit and borgbackup. I see no harm in using either.

    I changed the install script and submitted a pull request to not add the security repo on RPis. Old installs will have to set environment variable. I guess I could have an update of omv-extras do it.…ediavault/pull/1004/files

    Please do as this only occurs (at least for me) on recent, new installs, I don't experience the problem on an older installation.

    No it isn't. You will break apt-get update if the repo file points to an invalid ip. Just: sudo truncate -s 0 /etc/apt/sources.list.d/vscode.list

    RE: Microsoft repo installed on all Raspberry Pi’s

    Thanks, I first commented out the active line in that file, I just believe in belt and suspenders where some companies are involved. If it breaks apt update, I'll know it got reactivated without my knowledge or permission.

    I don't know enough about the rest, but were your upstream DNS settings passed as environmental variables during the original container creation or did you fill them in after you started it? If the former, you may have a problem, if the latter I recommend you change it.

    I just installed Yacht and it immediately showed me a problem with one container that wasn't visible with Portainer until I did a deep inspection, something I wouldn't have done without some indication there was a problem.

    It was a problem (continuous restarting) which also showed up in the old Docker plug-in and which still doesn't show in Portainer, something I pointed out before if memory serves.

    But, for Docker beginners, there's something to be said for being able to pull a single image and run a container from it, in simple manner. That's a learning tool and a first step, from which an understanding of Docker compose becomes possible.

    That is how I began with OMV4 and the Docker plug-in. And I started on Docker because I couldn't get Pi-Hole working, so went for the Docker version, which necessitated macvlan. With the Docker plug-in I managed, with Portainer I still haven't been able to create a macvlan. At present I use the command line to create macvlans and start the containers and I use Portainer only for monitoring (when I suspect something is wrong) and to kill and/or remove a container as that is where a GUI comes in handy. For some reason I never got Docker-compose working and I don't feel the need any more as I keep all my commands for the various containers and macvlans as text files on my laptop, where they are available if I have to reinstall an RPi.

    And yes, I still miss that possibility to pull a single image and run a container from it, even though I don't need it any longer. It made it a lot easier to find a nice image doing what you are looking for.

    Hi, sorry for piggybacking on to this thread but I came looking for a way to do just this, clone my installation drive onto a USB drive before i do a wipe and clean install but was worried that I might need to recover. Anyway... I'm a complete noob who setup OMV using some guides many years ago. Could you share how I can do a clone of my OS drive onto a USB. I've read about clonezilla and also something about a backup plugin but both assumed I create a folder on one of my data drives.

    Any help would be appreciated!

    My script also requires a folder on one of your data drives as a target for the backup/clone. And you will have to mount it as well. After that, a cronjob for a nightly backup is quite easy. My current script (as you can see, there are still some old changes visible).

    To me that seems like you are having network and/or connection problems, I don't have any problem reaching or For I do however get an HTTP ERROR 404.

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    Why did you kick this one after nearly a year of quietude?