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    ich habe OMV installiert und habe Zugriff von zwei Windows Maschinen (Windows 8.1 und Windows 10). Auf der dritten Maschine , Windows 8.1, wird OMV unter Netzwerk--> Computer nicht aufgezeigt. In der Eingabeaufforderung kann ich die OMV Maschine aber anpingen.

    Auch der Emby Server ist unter Windows erreichbar.

    Jemand eine Idee woran es liegen könnte ?


    I have OMV installed and have access from two Windows machines (Windows 8.1 and Windows 10). On the third machine, Windows 8.1, OMV is not shown under Network -> Computer. But I can ping the OMV machine at the command prompt.The Emby server is also accessible under Windows.Someone an idea how to fix this issue ?

    Cleared cache before without a result.

    Screenshots with english UI.

    Where do I assign a folder on my NAS Drive. There was no suche point in the tutorials of TDL, right ?


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    Anyone else who has an idea how to fix this. I added another screenshot. Maybe this is the problem but I do not know how to fix this.


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    Problem is I use the search field but there are not results. As you can see under Docker Images Repo there are no images.

    Could it be that it is just not installed correct or I missed something to configure ?


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    Hi there,

    i have a problem. Probably a banal one. I installed Docker and now trying to find container via search engine but it seems like something is wrong since I can not get any results. For example can not finde transmission, emby or any other.

    I followed the tutorials of TDL but maybe I just missed something. Please help. Thanks in advance.


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    Thank you so far. Would it make sense to use snapraid instead of raid 5?

    I decided to buy another two HDDs each 4TB. Nevertheless, i will make a complete backup of my data on external drives. Also i have a Synology ds 212 with 2x2 TB HDDs. Maybe there is a way that in addition of an backup to external drives to Sync Data from omv NAS to my Synology NAS ?

    Autoshutdown pluing was installed. Seems like apple tv which is in standby mode will not let my server allow to shut down. At least, this is what i can see from the logs. Do I have to change any specifics options like the uldl rate (set as 50) ?

    Another issue which I have not solved yet is myjdownloader. I simply can not connect from my server to the myjdownloader webinterface. Tried another password but did not work.


    Installed omv 4 on a j3455 board with TDL tutorials. So far I installed :

    Emby - works fine but when i stream with atv 4k i have issues with some media files (work on mobile devices/iPad )
    Transmission - no issues
    Jdownloader - can not add links ?
    Standby/ Autoshutdown - Issues. I manually put the server in to Standby via web interface.
    WOL - I did not figure out how to wake up the Server from an other device (atv, tv..) Shouldn‘t that be possible? However i can wake it up with „Mocha WOL“ from my tablet.