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    First, thanks for the guide.

    OMV will be my backup repository (among other things) so my ability to restore IT was critical to test early. Using this guide I was able to get to Step 15 before encountering a problem due to my root fs being btrfs. I was additionally required to use fdisk to delete the old partition, create a new partition (with the same parameters, I was asked to keep/remove the existing signature; select remove and the mkfs.btrfs will now succeed).
    ‣ fdisk /dev/sda
    ‣ delete partition 1 (my root)
    ‣ create new partition 1 with defaults (same as old partition)
    ‣ remove old signature
    ‣ fsarchiver restfs -v -o backup-omv-22-Jan-2019_22-31-09.fsa id=0,dest=/dev/sda1 NOW works

    [*] Note: I tried to manually "mkfs.btrfs -f /dev/sda1 -L 'khione-ssd-r' -U '7ea79897-dbb0-4698-b5ce-a17430edcd96' -s 4096" after the fdisk which worked, but fsarchiver then still failed. Deleting the partition again and running fsarchiver worked. The takeaway seems to be that mkfs.btrfs won't overwrite an existing partition and it is called by fsarchiver restfs.