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    I set the spindown timer to 5 minutes and apperently it does work on my PC but not with omv.. did you set the spindown on omv or did you left anything deactivated?

    I've set the spindown on the drive "firmware" using Seatools (to 15mins I think) on windows and then used the default drive spindown settings in the OMV webgui (under Disks > Select disk > edit > 1 - minimum power usage with standby (spindown).

    I've set it to 10mins, it seems. Not sure if that matches the settings in Seatools and which setting is honoured when different, but it does reliably spindown.

    Hi, running OMV4.x on both an Odroid-HC2 as a primary NAS device and on an OrangePi PC as a backup NAS device.

    On the Odroid I've been running into problems with shared folder permissions for several plugins, most notably Transmission and Minidlna. Both plugins seem to have stopped working spontaneously, related to access problems for the underlyiong service running them. For the Transmission problems, I've already created a seperate thread, but no solution yet: Transmission - Access denied

    Now that Minidlna has also stoppped working with a permissions error, I suspect something might be wrong with folder permissions. That's the main reason for posting this question here; (lack of) access permissions to shared folders seems to be the root cause to both problems, but I can't really figure out why or how.

    The OrangePi as a secondary device syncs it's shared folders / file contents from the Odroid, via Syncthing. This includes the /Music folder I've setup for Minidlna to index music files stored there. On my Odroid; Minidlna upon startup generates an error, hinting on shared folder permission issues, see attached file. On the OrangePi, I've setup Minidlna in the exact same way (using the Web GUI) and I don't get the same error. The Odroid has been running the exact same setup without problems for a couple of months, up until recently.

    On the Odroid, folder permissions look like this:

    drwxrwsr-x+ 5 root users 4096 Aug 12 16:55 Music

    On the OrangePi, Permissions look like this:

    drwxrwsr-x 6 root users 4096 Sep 23 05:46 Music

    I've also attached Web GUI screenshot of both folders, see attached files. In the troubleshooting process, I've even grated the Minidlna user and user group explicited RW access to the shared folder and subfolders on the Odroid.I've completely removed the Minidlna plugin from the Odroid, rebooted, reinstalled and reconfigured it on the same / Music shared folder, but then I run into the same error. Selecting a alternative, newly created shared folder generates the same error. On the OrangePi, it works without problems.

    I'm pretty sure I'm overlooking something permissions related, as most of my experience is on Windows, not Linux. But because of the similarity between the Transmission and Minidlna problems (both permissions related) I'm kind of worried something is wrong on a more fundamental level in my Odroid setup (corruption?).

    Anybody has any clue?


    I've been successfully running OMV 4.x on an Odroid-HC2 SBC for several months now after previously fiddling with RPi setups. I've got some plugins installed, one of them being Transmission BT. That was running just fine, up until a couple of weeks ago that suddenly stopped, without a clear reason why. When adding a new torrent file, after initiation the download stops and produces an error about 'permission denied', see attached screenshots.

    Initially, it was working in a different destination folder than shown in the screenshots. But in troubleshooting the error, I created a new shared folder 'Torrent' @root fs just to prevent simple ACL mistakes. Current ACL's are also in the screenshots.

    I've already uninstalled Transmissionbt entirely, reinstalled and reconfigured (reboots in between) but that doesn't seem to help. As far as the Transmission manual goes, ACL's should be fine I guess (granting debian-transmission group RWE permissions). I'm running a fairly simple setup ACL wise; I'm virtually the only user of the NAS (home) let alone the /Torrent shared folder. Running the latest 4.x OMV build (updates weekly, even this morning).

    Any idea's what could be the problem?