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    Thanks mate!

    also just been watching a few NAS builds on YT that use the Silverstone case... looks good

    noticed one guy used a Supermicro board but I prefer your suggestion, reading-to-follow!
    SUPERMICRO MBD-X10SDV-4C-TLN2F-O Mini ITX Server Motherboard - Intel Xeon D1520 4 Core, 8 Threads, 45W, SOC
    the build;

    I run it headless and it is stored in my gun safe.

    I assume you mean the NAS... :D better safe than sorry... plus it's a Faraday cage!

    Hey, thanks!
    I -did- see your sig. and I looked up that board... was just curious to see a product still around after a few years!

    >> I'll do some reading... looks good... I believe ECC RAM - you have to get one off the ASRock list?

    I also assume the power supply doesn't need to be too huge - but I'll look into it --thanks!

    Hi all, my first post here... I'm new to DIY-NAS and not super tech-head. Which way people are going with new NAS builds?

    Tried a RasPi3B+ as a test/education session with OMV (first use ever, got it to work but it's useless at large x-fers of course :D ) - now I want to go next level. Home office & home media use.

    Is it true that the 'old' way (to build an x86 NAS box) is becoming less popular and SBC's are taking off? The variety is huge and it still looks like SBCs are a work in progress. I lean towards x86 and small form factor at the moment. But I can see that people are doing good things with an SBC and a couple of USB3 HDDs attached for very little cost!

    Question; is it still 'valid' to build an x86 ITX architecture board (such as an ASRock server board or general moboard setup) in a box such as the Fractal Node 304? My goal would be to keep to 4xHDDs (NAS rated, large capacity say 6TBx4) and a USB or m.2 for boot. Some moderate power consumption is acceptable as this is also for my work.

    If it's still OK to go with building one of these systems, which motherboard would be suitable? Are the ASRock C2750D or C2550D or J4105 type still appropriate? What to look for? Or a more general ITX (or even mATX) the way to go? Other solutions (new components, not too rare to get) available?

    I want to end up with a solid dependable system that runs OMV, not necessarily the cheapest. Somehow, opting for a Synology or QNAP seems a COP-OUT to me! But I get the huge time differential needed to master DIY-NAS for the first time.

    Thanks in advance! :)