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    My OMV 64bit is currently runnig with a 80GB USB Systemdrive an 6*2TB data-drives as raid5.
    Now i have 5*3TB drives I want to use as raid5 data-drive.
    My server has only 8 bays for the disks.
    My plan A was to remove one 2tb drive from the raid, build a new raid5 with 3*3TB drives, copy the data from the old raid to the new, delete the old raid and grow the new raid with the 2 remaining 3TB drives.
    Plan B was to replace the 2TB drives with the 3TB drives, one after the other, waiting for the rebuild each time and grow it after replacing the last disk .
    For both plans I need to remove one 2TB drive from the raid5.
    But how can I "shrink" my raid (and of course the filesystem (ext4) before) ?
    In the webgui I only can grow the raid.

    And what do you think ist the best way ?
    I think plan B will keep my filesystem, shared folders and smb shares.


    Iv'e got a shared folder named "download", rights only given by privileges (r/w). The samba-share is also name "download"
    I can access the folder, copy files to it from my windows pc and create new folders.
    SabNZBD copies new downloads to this folder.
    But I can't access these folders from my windows share.
    When I look at the rights of these folder they are 700 (only root as owner, no users).
    I've tried with "Enable permission inheritance" in the share and without, it doesn't matterl.
    What must I do that the rights of the automatic created folder by SabNZBD have the same right as the root directory ?

    So, I managed to install the driver.

    I tried 'apt-get install libatk1.0-0' and 'apt-get install libgtk2.0-0'. Then I was able to install the printer-drivers.
    Now CUPS finds the printer and I can choose the right driver.
    But printing still doesn't work.
    Whean I try to print a test-page I got the error "stopped - "/usr/lib/cups/filter/pstocanonij failed" "
    I searched for it, but all I found was that I have to add the i386-architecture for the drivers-ddl's to work correct with my amd64 system.

    But how can I add it ?

    I tried this.
    but it doesnt work.

    Still no printer-driver for MX870

    I've got the same problem.
    restorecon seems to be missing and when I try to run the I get a syntax-error in line 3.
    Anyone who has airprint running with ios6 devices ?

    Thx, that solves also my problem.
    My OVM freezed when using the samba shares with my win7 pc.
    Always when i copied files to or from the share omv freezes, no network connection an no keyboard response.
    After upgrade to backports kernel it runs without problems.

    Yes, I read this thread.
    But I tried something different: both USB-HD's have 500GB. I found an older one with 80GB and tried this: oh wonder, it works.
    With the old 80GB disk I can boot without problems. And it doesn't matter if the data-drives are connected or or not (without dirves usb is sda, with it is sdg), it boots normaly.
    Can it be that GRUB doesn't work on 500GB USB-HD's ?

    But I will also try the sollution with the boot-delay.


    Quote from "tekkbebe"

    Did you go here http://omv_ip_address:631/ and login with root user. Then click on administration tab and then add printer.

    Yes, of course.
    Just as I wrote: CUPS finds the printer. but in the end I have to chose the the model. And there are no drivers for the canon pixma mx870.
    I tried to install the linux-drivers from the canon homepage, but this fails because of missing dependencies.

    I've got a big problem.
    My first OMV install on an extenal USB-HD went fine and OMV runs well.
    But I noticed that I've installed the 32bit OMV.
    So, now I wanted to install 64bit OMV on another USB-HD.
    The install runs without any problems or errors, but after the reboot my server just says:

    GRUB loading
    Welcome to GRUB!

    error: file not found.
    Entering rescue mode...
    grub rescue>

    My server is a HP Datavault X510.
    It doesn't matter if I boot with internal disks or without, always the same error.
    I've tried to install from USB-Stick and from CD (external USB), always the the same.

    How can I resolve this error ?
    I've tried some things mentioned in other threads here, but nothing works.
    Even the start of the debian live cd in rescue mode brings a decompression error.


    I've got the same problem with my Canon Pixma MX870.
    It is installed as networkprinter in my network and I want to use CUPS for airpeint.
    The CUPS web interface finds the printer, but i can't find the proper printerdriver for my model.
    Can someone please explain how to install the Canon driver from the Canon homepage or update the gutenprint-driver ?


    I've installed OMV on my HP Data Vault x510 just to see if it runs better than Windows Homeserver.
    So I installed it on an USB-Stick for testing.
    Now it runs so smooth with all the functions i want to have that I want to keep it an transfer the Bootdisk (USB-Stick) to a an USB-Harddisk.
    I want to keep all my settings an installs, so i don't want to to do a new install.

    Can someone please explain how to do this ?
    I have not much experience with Linux.


    Hallo zusammen.

    Dank diesem Forum habe ich es geschafft als Linux-Neerd OMV auf meinem HP Media Vault X510 zu installieren.
    Als Plugins laufen noch PlexMediaServer, Owncloud und CUPS.

    Seit heute morgen habe ich das Problem, dass die CPU-Last durchgängig 100% hat.
    In den Prozessen kann ich sehen, dass rrdtool davon ca. 90% belegt (siehe Codebox).

    Wie kann ich das beheben ?
    Der Server ist nun doch recht träge.

    Vielen Dank.