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    Yes, that is right. Twice. Weird, yes?

    Thank you for the info. I've researched a bit and it seems like FedEx process customs for you without permission but charge you the additional fees. In Germany people are sucessfully contesting the fees.

    This is a little shady but...

    Sorry, i don't get your point. If FedEx bypassed Customs, why you had to pay twice?

    Well based on the current traction of the Helios4 3rd campaign, I don't think we will manufacture that much of extra kit anymore... we might end up just manufacturing few dozens more on top. So if you want to be guaranty to get an Helios4 you should order before the end of the campaign. I must admit this was a complete marketing newbie mistake I did, because now potential buyers are being in 'wait-and-see' mode.
    To try to boost a bit the sale we are now including a free OLED screen for the first 300 orders ;-)

    Hi gprovost, i'm sorry for that. I've called my Customs Office in Germany (Zoll) today and got the following information: The additional Taxes, "Einfuhrumsatzsteuer", are 19% of value of goods + shipping. There are no additional limits, so it would be smart to order es many as possible... The Customs Officer also told me i should choose the national shipping service instead of a private one ( i think, HK Post instead of FedEx in this case) because they won't charge additional fees for "customs service" or at least a small amount. I'm now trying to find one or more german Customers who wants to buy an helios4 :)

    Okay, savings are not that high with bulk order. It might be not sensible to do this.…IHA3u-s8/edit?usp=sharing

    EDIT2: I bought 2 - sadly, HK Post is only avalible for Germany if only one is bought. Is this correct @gprovost ?

    @tkaiser Thank you for this good overview that answered lots of questions i still had.

    @ekent I've also thought about buying 1 or 2 helios4. If you also live in germany and intereseted in helios4, we may order together to save shipping costs. We are not in a hurry because Kobol statet this:

    We are using the same Pre-order approach that we did for previous campaigns. The goal is to reach at least 300 units ordered before starting production. We are planning to manufacture 750 units to have enough inventory for the late buyers, but don’t wait too long since the stock won’t last.

    Quote from tkaiser

    ECC RAM is a bit more expensive, a checksummed filesystem you get for free. But it won't provide any protection if run on really crappy hardware. One example is using a checksummed filesystem like btrfs on a host with quirky USB implementation combined with USB drives that do not support flush/barrier semantics.

    Okay, so the Helios4 is the only SBC with native SATA & ECC i've found so far. It looks like the most users in this thread are happy with the HC2. Is this a sign of an reliable SATA-USB-Bridge implementation which i can use with btrfs?

    Manual backup doesn't work in my experience (you always have good reasons to skip backing up prior to a data loss). We're using checksummed filesystems everywhere since data integrity is important and as such btrfs together with btrbk does the job on ARM SBCs and with large x86 installations ZFS combined with znapzend is used (or proprietary solutions like Open-e/Jovian). The differentiation between btrfs on ARM and ZFS on x86 is due to kernel support here and there.
    But if you're not a 'storage pro' and really familiar with those contemporary filesystems using the older established variants like XFS or ext4 might be a better idea (then combined with traditional approaches like rsnapshot which integrates nicely with OMV).

    Does a checksummed filesystem really replace ECC-RAM? I'm unsure about this point because i read the opposite very often.

    Edit: Okay, it's not that risky without ECC, if i got it right:

    @tkaiser i've read your posts about helios4 last year and got very exited about it, although it was not possible to order it until today (

    Few Questions are left:

    - I want to import the Kit to Germany - do you have experienced any troubles with customs or had to pay taxes?
    - Do you know about any plans to bulk order to save shipping?
    - Do you think that helios4 is still the best ARM board with ECC & Native SATA?

    Thank you in advance.