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    Disconnect all harddisks except the future system drive. This way you avoid an accidental install on a storage drive (which will be configured after installation anyway).

    I see.
    But I was not used to this unusual installation method different than usual Linux installations.
    But yes, one should indeed read the installation instructions (most people read it as much as they read EULA: they do not. #TLDR)

    Whatever, I will not touch OpenMediaVault for now (I burned it onto a rewriteable DVD. Let's overwrite it.) I will just use a SMB server.
    I just needed it for one purpose anyway: Bypassing tedious MTP and USB OTG when transferring files from a mobile phone to free up space.

    Disclaimer: Yes, I do regularly back up my data. But hadn't I backed up my data, I nearly missed a full-disk data loss.

    I decided to try out creating a RAID server. I needed something lightweight, which is why I decided to test out OpenMediaVault rather than FreeNAS.

    During installation, I expected to be asked about which partition I would like to use with my installation. The installer indicated it was about to show a list of partitions.
    Instead, the installer decided to format the first thing it can find to ext4. I quickly shut off my PC.

    It turns out that a partition I used mostly for temporary data got re-formatted to ext4.

    The installer lied to me when it said it was about to show me a list of partitions. :!:

    I decided to warn the community of this potential hazard.