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    I've currently a second NAS wich run on a Asus P8Z77WS Mainboard, currently 7 Years old, i think its now time to replace ( Hardware still running but thinking about energy consumption and lifecycle).
    So i'm evaluating a newer Build:
    - Mainboard: Asus PRIME H370-PLUS (…H370-PLUS/specifications/ )
    - CPU Core i3-8100 3.6 GHz
    - RAM DDR4-RAM 2666 MHz 1x 16 GB
    - Maindisk for OS: SSD 860 EVO M.2 2280 250 GB
    - Case and Powersupply ( where used from another Build )
    - Main usage: to start off with 3x 6TB as storage for some PC's as a sharing plattform, also as a media server, maybe some video en/decoding and finally to run some docker or VM's

    I know, maybe this plattform configuration is a little bit oversized for my use cases, but i'ts more efficent than the 7 year old hardware and if the system lives same longtime as the old, then the money is not the problem. What do you think about it ? Are there any better or affordable builds which offer the same performance ?

    Hi, i'm currently have an older QNAP Nas and currently testing other NAS Solution to finally replace my old QNAP. I setup the latest OMV on a PC and tried out different setups and plugins.
    To Backup the datadisk on the OMV Installation i tried rsnapshot. Everthing is working fine, but under rsnapshot i can only define which folder should be as source and destination and how many backup's should be retained, but i didn't found any scheduled job in the web gui, because i would set the time when the snapshots where getting started and the possiblity to disable maybe the hourly rsnapshot.
    Finally i found the right cronjobs in the file "/etc/cron.d/openmediavault-rsnapshot" where each rsnapshot is defined. Wouldn't it make sense when these Jobs would be visible under "Scheduled Jobs" ?
    Or is that by design ?
    Anyway best NAS Software ! Thumb up :thumbup: