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    Agreed at all with you guys!

    I'm currently waiting for an upgrade of my Internet connection, now with some crappy ADSL+ and soon a mixed fiber-copper should arrive in my house (the fiber cabinet is just in front of my street gate).

    At first I'll play with rsync and a remote hosting I have, still some days to wait...

    Hello all,

    in the last few weeks I decided to browse a bit about the DIY Nas state-of-the-art and found OMV as the best route to take. I'm the kind of person that prefers to build myself instead of purchase out-of-the-box, when possible. Recently I've hacked my coffee machine just to have my coffee be made asking to Alexa, just to say... :)

    I think to have started my journey with OMV in the easy way, a RPI 3 and an external 8TB WD USB 3 Disk. The same day I've ordered a 4GB Rock64 with one USB 3.0 port and actually I'm playing a bit with it, following the great instructional videos of Techno Dad Life and searching additional infos here in the forum. With a wired connection I currently see around 400 mbps in writing and 600 mbps in reading, this after an upgrade to my home network with a GB switch with the LAG option included, one day I'll move to something more complete...

    My plan is to have a local storage for the huge raw files coming from my camera, organised and part of the post processing workflow. Remote access actually is not a top priority. Just started to explore OMV and its ecosystem, but I see a bright future.

    Here is my Rock64 on top of the WD storage, just for the photo...


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