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    However, I do not use the OMV UnionFS plugin (which is just mergerfs). I configure mergerfs by hand in fstab. And I do not reference any OMV shared folders in the fstab configuration. I use the absolute fully qualified filesystem paths instead.

    I prefer to use as much of the functionality out of the box - as this is not my hobby - it's a tool :) - I understand why you do this - and you have a lot more experience and knowhow than me.
    If I wanted to use a "hacked" solution for JBOD - I would probably have gone for Greyhole, as I know that system better - and it has some features MergerFS does not have - but I choose OMV because of it's "point and click" plugin / container approach the less I know that the server is there - the better - It just has to do it's job :)

    I Started with FreeNAS back in the days, and have run Amahi for several years - and I hope OMV needs less attention to be kept up to date :)

    I made a crude "workaround" to this "bug" in the MergerFS implementation on my new setup of OMV ("migrated" from Amahi + Greyhole)

    The workaround is not so much of a workaround, I just disabled MergerFS - and pointed the shared folders to the individual folders on the individual disks
    - at it's current state MergerFS unusable for me, and I don't feel comfortable with the temporary solutions offered in this thread.

    For me it works for now, as the individual data is not scattered throuh the different disks yet, and there still is enough free space on all det individual disks. (Had to do a cleanup of the Greyhole JBOD system before I migrated to OMV - so I'm glad this happened now, and not later.

    I'll gladly use MergerFS later on when a permanent sollution is made to OMV/MergerFS

    Hi - Potential (Well almost 100% certain) new OMV user here

    I've got a Amahi home server with Greyhole (Drive pooling) and LMS (Logitech/Squeezebox Media Server) (And a lot of other services/servers but none of those are "critical")

    I don't want a heavily customized setup - because my know-how is not that great anymore (getting old ;) )- so I ask for advice

    Is there a possibility of doing a new install - and migrating the data to OMV's default (Out of the box) HDD management system -
    * - (I like the Greyhple-JBOD approach, because of the flexibility of space vs. HDD failure proof for critical files - but not Amahi's instability with Greyhole in default config)
    * - If this is not a possibility, or hard, or make a hard to update install, I'll have to bet new drives, but since there are no free SATA ports in the machine - I'll have to go via USB - so that has to be bought too :(

    What is the advantages of doing a Docker install of Squeezebox Media Server, compared to doing a standard CLI .deb install? (and vice versa)

    As I don't know OMV - I've watched some guides (YouTube) - and read/searched som threads here - but I's hard to get a good grasp on the basics (getting old ;) )

    I know how to follow a guide, I don't know most commands and syntax in terminal :)