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    Hi how are you?

    I need some help... I did the install with stack, as follows, but can`t make it work, the container is runnning but can`t see it working in myjdownloader account, what more I have to do?

    I already tryed the docker exec jdownloder configure email pass and nothing happens

    My stack:

    nice, I installed the alfg docker... but... can anyone give a hint on how can I configure it? I`m a little lost here

    I installed the container, but when I check the log It says:
    standard_init_linux.go:211: exec user process caused "exec format error"

    I have the nginx plugin installed, I need to change something? I don`t know how to access or how to change the nginx.conf file

    Already made some research here and on google, but cannot find anything about this



    I have a raspberry pi 3+ with debian 9 and nginx compiled with rtmp module installed, I would like to install OMV too in this raspberry, I spent a entire night searching something about this, but without lucky...

    Can anyone give me some light?

    i'm wating a several days and keep trying and searching without success

    my power supply is the same I was using with batocera, I think it is enough, it came with my raspberry

    my sd is new, but I also tryed with a used, I tryed with 3 sd card 32gb class 10

    I'm typing only the IP was informed in the terminal, just like is showed in yout video at 2:27

    I can't provide screenshots now, but I'll as soon as possible



    I'm trying over severeal days to get it work on my raspberry pi 3+ but without any progress...

    I'm following this tutorial ->

    I did absolutelly everything as same until the point 2:27 of the video, at this point that screen of the terminal show me some erros, I think it's errors from nginx server.

    Already tested the SD card, I'm using a 32gb class 10 and this card worked fine with batocera.

    My steps:
    1 - Download the image from this site for raspberry pi 3+
    2 - created the sd card with balena etcher using the image without decompressing
    3 - inserted at the raspberry and waited
    Additional details: The raspberry was connected in internet by cable eth and I tryed to attach and usb flash drive and a external hdd with ext4 partition.

    At the screen in 2:27 i can see the IP, but nothing happens if I try to enter in my browser

    I saw in some places that the rasp will reboot after some minutes in first boot, this not occured with me

    Wich detail i'm missing?

    Sorry for the bad english...