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    I also started getting this exact error today when I click services/rsync to view the existing jobs.

    I believe I had a similar error before and found a solution in the forums. But after searching and viewing dozens of messages so far I have yet to find the the solution again. Please point me where to look. Thanks. (never mind :-)

    * UPDATE *

    I found the post - error message: Failed to execute XPath query
    edited config.xml to remove all jobs and started over. I had made NO changes to the rsync jobs in over a month so am wondering what corrupted this? Maybe its due to the recent changes that VOTDEV did regarding device names?

    I also would like some explanation of the rsync job time settings. I created two jobs to replicate data locally yesterday. They appear to have run today even though they do NOT show up under scheduled jobs. Are they actually set to run every N hours? I want them to run once a day at a specific time. Looking under crontab I see no jobs so am wondering how OMV is handling this?

    I am on 3.0.54 (erasmus)

    P.S. I cant seem to find any settings to limit the logging to only what has been transferred/deleted. The run shows 29k folder names! Has anyone figured this out? Thanks..

    I pre-ordered the Odroid-C2 yesterday so hope to get that next month. Double the ram and a bit faster than the C1. Plus an extra video core. Should be a nice upgrade.

    If you want SATA then check out the Banana pi pro - although its not as powerful as a C1 it does have SATA so may be better for OMV. Its about $45 at

    It would be nice to have a fast SSD connected as I bet it would seem a LOT faster.

    Hi David, some videos play audio at the wrong speed, higher than it should be. The video is fine. I searched both openelec and kodi forums and couldnt find anyone having a similar problem. Thats on kodi 14.x(openelec) but the same problem vids play fine on kodi 15 on lubuntu. Its something on the openelec odroid-c1 build. I know the files are ok as they play fine on my mint desktop.

    I have a couple odroid-c1 one running lubuntu(bedroom 32" 720) and the other openelec(tv-room 55" 1080) and kodi runs very well. Some stuff wont play properly on openelec but plays fine on ubuntu as its v.15 instead of 14. Hopefully once openelec updates to 6.0 that will solve that problem.

    I would think the propietary nvidia drivers would work for your system. Might need to blacklist or issue a kernel parm at startup though (nomodeset?).

    I too would be interested in a backup using REAR as it supports swraid(mdadm) where as clonezilla doesnt!

    I was using and have tried REAR before. fsarchiver compresses the backup and I dont know if REAR does that. It took my 20g file system with 3.4g in use by OMV and result was a 1.8g backup file AND it used all the processor cores.

    So anything that works with swraid and would recreate from bare-metal my md devices would be perfect for restore purposes!

    If clonezilla(CZ) is failing because the drive size is different then do it at the partition level. Once you have shrunk the partition then cz to back it up/verify. Then cz to restore it and boot-repair live-cd (32 or 64bits) to rebuild the MBR/grub so it will boot.

    (or cz to copy the partition between drives. I like to back everything up just in case!)

    There are a couple tools I use that might help:

    Super Grub2 - I have a couple extra partitions on my OMV NAS and one has mint installed. For the life of me I cant get grub config to see it. So I just boot super grub and search for the drives and it pops up the other system and I can boot it. I should try boot repair on it eh?!!

    Boot Repair Disk - I used this just yesterday when I used clonezilla to restore a partition to a drive. Since I didnt restore the mbr like your problem it just said missing os. BRD found and rebuilt the mbr/grub and I was able to boot the partition I had just restored. Plus its GUI based so extremely easy to use.

    Two other things to check would be that your network isnt being flooded by something and that your cabling is good. I have seen situations where the performance was poor due to bad cables. The port showed green but had 1 pair intermittent causing continuous retries. If you have a machine or device flooding then it would also be slow.

    Launch wireshark and watch the traffic to spot these types of problems.

    Shell in to OMV and create a script with the following:

    iotop -o -b -t -qqq

    Then you can run that and watch to see what is accessing the disk.

    Here are my notes. Some of the tuning is already in the lastest OMV but some still needs to be applied:
    Have to keep adding interval back to /etc/collectd/collectd.conf:
    (after Hostname)
    Interval 60

    then service collectd restart to pickup the change.

    From -…disk-in-debian-or-ubuntu/
    cat /proc/sys/vm/dirty_writeback_centisecs - Default was 500 = 5 seconds
    echo 90000 > /proc/sys/vm/dirty_writeback_centisecs - Set to 15 minutes

    Added these raid tuning parms in to /etc/rc.local - as well as the one above!

    # RAID cache tuning - omv now setting these!
    #echo 8192 > /sys/block/md0/md/stripe_cache_size
    #echo 8192 > /sys/block/md1/md/stripe_cache_size


    Just depends on the iotop output to see what is thrashing your disk.

    Hope this helps...

    I've found…Inside_the_RRDtool_plugin and modified the rrdtool config in OMV 0.5 to

    LoadPlugin rrdtool
    <Plugin rrdtool>
    DataDir "/var/lib/collectd/rrd"
    CacheTimeout 120
    CacheFlush 900
    WritesPerSecond 50 <========== new

    The omv-mkgraph command sends now a FLUSH command before creating the graphs, but i'm not sure if this will finally reduce disk I/O. Any tip how to improve collectd is welcome. But i will not use RRDCacheD plugin.


    I upgraded to Kralizec/Wheezy and it went very well! Today I checked the system with a script:

    iotop -o -b -t -qqq

    and I see that the rrdcached IO is back again so I added the interval again and restarted collectd so slow it down. If this was a permanent change you made then maybe it was missed on the upgrade? Just wanted to let you know.

    Thank you and everyone who works on OMV!