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    Can someone help me setup OpenALPR (plate recognition) on OMV 5.

    I have a directory where are *.jpg from home surveillance system.

    And i need to identify plates (from jpg) with time to a file on omv.

    Camera (alarm) takes picture->sends pictures to folder->openalpr automatically recognise the new picture->sends result to one file.

    It is possible to do some kind of this or simillar ??



    Thank You for reply.
    I try install 4.0 but i have a problem sql.
    One : MySQL i have whole database (invoices) on local disk but i cant overwrite the newone by oldone (i dont know what i have to copy all the directories with/without main files like debian-5.5.flag; ib_logfile0; ib_logfile1; ibdata1; mysql_upgrade_info ?)

    And now i have a stoneburner with down mysql plugin, and OMV4 with clean sql database ?(

    I think i`ll have to hire someone good to do it i`m too old for that :)

    Hmm it is any manual how to copy sql database from local computer to OMV4. Is it possible to do by midnight commander ?


    I have a problem with mysql plugin. After system down i cannot start it anyway.

    If I trying start i have this message.

    Failed to execute command 'export LANG=C; invoke-rc.d 'mysql' start 2>&1': Starting MySQL database server: mysqld . . . . . . . . . . . . . . failed! invoke-rc.d: initscript mysql, action "start" failed.

    i try this:

    apt-get purge mysql-server-5.5 mysql-server-core-5.5 mysql-common
    apt-get autoremove
    rm -rfv /etc/mysql
    rm -rfv /var/lib/mysql
    userdel mysql

    And now when i try reinstall plugin i have this message.

    Almost one day still no luck. I think i have to change repositories in /etc/apt/sources.list But what should i write in source.list ?