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    I have the same problem maybe. I can connect by user an password, but not as guest without a password. The Folder structure looks like:


    Data->Data A

    Data->Date B

    Data->Data C

    I have a shared folder for Data by User A and User B. And I have a shared folder Data->Music by "Permission: Everyone: read/write" like described on the getting started guide page 44.

    Further I created the SMB/CIFS share for //Host/Data and for //Host/Music

    I can connect to both network shares fine by the User A and B. I use mount -t cifs -o username=User A //hoste/music /mnt/music for that.

    If I connect by mount -t cifs //hoste/music /mnt/music it ask for root password on //Host. If i type nothing or something it will quit by


    [] CIFS VFS: Send error in QFSUnixInfo = -13
    [] CIFS VFS: Send error in QFSAttributeInfo = -13
    [] CIFS VFS: cifs:mount failed w/return code = -13
    mount error(13): Permission denied