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    Yup gotcha

    I ll just go ahead with a fresh v4 install after clonezilla backup.
    I wanted to go with ZFS back then (5 years ago or so) but it seemed quite unstable / not well supported.

    My main concern now using Raid 5 with 4 disks is the following :
    - 1 Disk failure followed by 10To resync creating a 2nd disk failure then I m fucked

    Migrating Raid 5 to ZFS might be a side project in a near future.


    Couldn't update the meta data of the initial thread : Current version and upgrade path (version 2.X to 4.X)

    Getting the following error :
    The server encountered an unresolvable problem, please try again later.
    Exception ID: 8d43f588ad70851a9bfa87468e796c6160dd1e0b


    Kinda new to the forum but I've been using OMV for quite a few year now.
    I was updating my packages lately and noticed the debian repository I was using doesn't even exist anymore or at least not for wheezy. (some mirror in my country)

    So I figured it would be time to upgrade to the latest stable release of OMV. I see there was a lot of update since 2.2!

    I've been searching through the forum about a clean process to update OMV but since it's a big gap between the two I've got a few questions first :

    - Shall I just reinstall OMV completly? If so, what should I backup to keep my raid disks up to date
    - What should I backup and how to restore it on new release?
    Note : I m not running many side services, just a lot of data on a RAID 5 config (4 disks) and a MySQL database (which I m just gonna dump and import in a new MariaDB with latest release?)

    - Shall I just try and go with the omv upgrades? Do I still to run all the debian updates first (and therefore try to fix my repo by replacing it with an existing working debian wheezy repo)
    - I still would like to do a proper backup, how should I proceed?

    I m sorry if this has been answered already but I m quite uneasy about it and don't want to break stuff (like we all do or we wouldn't be using OMV in the first place I guess :p)

    Keep up to good work

    Kind regards