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    So if I've understood correctly I should go to Shared Folder tab then click on one of the Folders and click privileges however this only shows the three users I have created not docker.

    The other way I tried was to go to the Shared Folder tab and click on ACL (Have no idea what this does) and then scroll down to docker and select read only.

    I then went back to Duplicati and clicked backup again but nothing happened (As there was no new files)

    See attached photos


    So my server has been up and running well for over a year now. I have about 700 gb stored on it and it works fine. Today I decided to backup everything up to one drive as I have 5 TB storage on one drive. To do this I install Duplicati and set it all and running, for my source data I have chosen shared folders as all my data is in them however here lies the problem. When I backup the folder it only backups non private files in their not everything.

    So my question is how can I get it to backup shared folders that are password protected or only have one user attached to them, with the rest not being able to access them, so how do I give Duplicati access or backup them up.

    If you need anything else to help me just let me know.


    So my server has been running perfectly fine for a while then today it suddenly stopped working, upon shutting it down and starting it up again it started working again.

    Once looking at the log just before everything stopped working I see (Vault is my server name)

    Nov 27 20:17:01 Vault postfix/postsuper[16884]: fatal: scan_dir_push: open directory hold: No such file or directory

    So I wanted to know a few things really if this is going to happen again, do I have a drive failure, why this happened and do I need to worry.

    Below I have attached a few lines before the error if needed as well.

    I am going to be overtop but

    Drives 8 x 15 = 120
    CPU = 1 x 60 = 60
    Motherboard = 1 x 60 = 60
    SSD = 1 x 1 = 1

    Total = 240w (please note this is roughly how much power you will consume it could be lower or higher depending on your circumstances)

    So 450w should be plenty

    Raid is not backup either.

    Can I ask why Raid isn't a backup. For example surly backing up your computer to a nas is better then not and then backing up to a nas in Raid 1, 5, 6 or other ones like this is good as it means you have extra data redundancy. I just curious why you don't think it is though?

    So I turned it off as the the load average kept going up and up to the point where it was at like 40 while nobody was connected to it (the highest I've seen it with people connected is 2).

    So I just turned it back up and everything is fine now back to normal its connecting fine no errors nothing. So my question is why did this happen when I had all these errors (I couldn't even open folders on the server and my dns, pi hole stopped working).

    On the system information the load is showing as 40 (when it happened) even though no one was connected to it when the problems started happening and my CPU usage was at 100%.

    just follow this, it worked for me

    Boot up - when the terminal stops loading the error and gives you the mdadm prompt, type 'blkid'
    This should show you all attached disks. You're looking for the one toward the bottom (arrarys/sata disk should be at top). For me it was a bit ambiguous - there were two that my boot USB could have been so I just remembered both (happened to be sdg1 and sdh1).
    Reboot, and when you see the bluescrren GRUB hit 'e'
    In the above code block change line #15 - so mine became 'root=/dev/sdg1'
    Then hit F10 to boot. If it does, you've got the right one - if not, go back and try another disk name/id.
    You should now have a 'login' prompt. Login in, then type 'update-grub'. This will make your change to the GRUB permanent.

    If you have any questions let me know

    Okay so I finally got around to test a switch I am using netgear gs208 however my speeds have not improved. As you can see by the image below when I was doing the iperf test in fact when my computer which was connecting to the NAS was on wifi it performed faster test however half way through the test failed.

    Screenshot 2019-08-24 at 22.36.53.png

    Okay well I guess I am going to have to leave handbrake then. However I had one more question for you which is a little unrelated. I am using a dual core processor at 2.8 GHZ (E5500), however when only one computed is connected and accessing data the cpu is being pushed to almost its maximum. Is there anyway to limit this or is this just how OMV works

    28910 Samee 20 0 408916 17292 13036 R 80.0 0.4 0:22.13 smbd

    So, it is properly installed now. Does handbrake still fail? The system may need a reboot.

    Still getting the same problem however I haven't rebooted. I am going to reboot in the morning however as I am not currently able to (I cant reboot through the web as my computer will not let me auto boot to a usb drive) . So I will get back to you in around 8 hours.