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    New question, I've got my prodesk PC to mount my NAS, but I want to put OMV on a USB drive to keep all my SATA connectors for HDD's.

    But I've some questions :)

    For the capacity I think to get a 16/32 GB (OMV+DOCKER+APPLIS+SOME OTHERS)

    But I'm only sure of that.

    Do i need to get an USB 3.0 drive ?
    Does some drives aren't compatible with OMV installation ?

    About the form factor I think to get a very small key (like Wi-Fi adapters) but is it a good idea ? heat and other reasons...

    Some returns about using an USB key ? (I know I have to use a specific add on to decrease R/W operations)

    Thanks in advance


    Hi Crashtest,

    Thaks for your reply. So to answers to your questions:

    - VM's would not be active at the same time. For exemple I need an Ubuntu to test some things, and then shut it down to reduce consuption and because it's not used.
    - Raid 1 it's because it would store some datas for my family and I need to be independant of a HDD crash for almost 1 week ( vacation, work shift ...) And most inportant, I want to have a small amount of datas on my computer, because it's start to be old and my hard drives too and don't want to change them.

    And I saw before about the specificity of USB boot drive but it's mainly to get point of view of users about this 2 solutions.

    Thanks again :)

    And if somebody have test to make a NAS with a Small Form Factor pc, can you post the configuration here ? mainly for cooler advices.

    Hi Everyone,

    I can have a HP Prodesk 400 G1 SFF from my company.

    The main caracteristics are:
    Intel core i3 4130
    3 Sata ports (extensible with an pci card)
    an HDD of 500 GB

    My futur use:
    - Use an SSD (120 GB or 60 GB depend on what I found) or an USB key (Some opinions are welcome to make the choice) for the system
    - Save datas and computers on 2*2-3TB HDD in Raid1 (5400 RPM because the machine going to be in my living room next to my 3D printer)
    - Use the 500 GB HDD to run some VM's (to be independant of my raid 1 configuration) when I need them and stock some non important datas
    - Run a Plex server ( 1 transcode operation ) (save and other heavy task will not run in the same time)
    - Put Docker
    - Put a Git server
    - Put JDownloader

    And that's almost all.

    So the question is: The i3 would be sufficient ?

    And if it's not, Which caractéristics I should search first ( cores, gen or others)?

    And the second one, should I get a passive cooler if it exist ?

    Thanks in advance