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    No, I do understand it.
    Which network interface? Preferably configurable!
    It's easy not to break security: if docker just acts as a firewall and only allows specified ports, like it does for IPv4.
    Well, actually I'd prefer without docker, but then you have the problems with dependencies.
    Whatever was designed to not work with IPv6 natively today is just stupid design.

    I understand what docker was designed for.

    But how the handle the networking doesn't make sense. It's not ready for the now. IPv6 is essential. The way they implemented IPv6 support is totally contradictive.

    Also, the network bridge on docker isn't really a bridge, I find. It's an internal network on the host. If it was a bridge, I would expect the docker client to appear on the physical network segment as an independent host.

    It wouldn't break security, if docker was designed in a sensible way. It could still chose not to expose every port on the container. Same like it does with NATted IPv4 containers.

    That's stupid by design. Especially for docker IPv6 would bring so many advantages...e.g. assigning every container its own IP. No hassle with endless portmappings. Proper end-to-end-connection.
    Especially normal people will need IPv6 more and more, because they're sitting behind carrier-grade NAT at home with DSLite. So only way to access is per IPv6.

    Thanks. Don't know why I didn't find it first.

    Is there any way to find out the IPv6 address? I installed the Nextcloud docker image, but this seems to be missing ip or ifconfig binaries? If I do "docker exec -it nextcloud bash" and enter "ifconfig" or "ip", it says "command not found".

    EDIT: Actually, it's not really working. After I rebooted my OMV image the webinterface is throwing errors after I enabled IPv6. Also in the console I get errors for docker. As soon as I remove the IPv6-option from daemon.json everything is back to normal.

    EDIT2: Okay, it fails if I use the same prefix as OMV is already using. I don't want a new prefix as I only got a /64 delegated to the network on which OMV sits. I somehow have to use the same prefix. That's what I thought the bridge interface is for...


    Does anyone know how to activate IPv6 for docker containers on OMV? I can't even find the config file for docker containers. This is all new to me. But since Nextcloud 16 requires PHP 7.1, I need to start using docker for nextcloud.