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    I managed to get it working by skipping bootloader installation, and then booting a Debian Install CD in rescue mode.

    If you run grub-install in chroot you get:

    grub-install: error /usr/lib/grub/i386-pc/ doesn't exist. Please specify --target or --directory.

    To fix this you need to install grub-pc, it seems it's not installed by default in the beta. So it's using grub with UEFI by default. Which fails on Qemu since it only supports BIOS with default settings.

    As root in the chroot environment you need to run:

    apt install grub-pc

    The developers should take a look at this and fix the problem :)


    I'm trying to install 5.0.1 (from scratch) on Proxmox (Qemu) but it fails when trying to install GRUB. Any ideas why? Does it require UEFI? Any logs available?
    I got 4.x working just fine with passthrough on the SAS controller, and was thinking of trying out the beta, but can't even finish the install.