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    Thanks to everyone for helping me out on my issues.

    I was finally able to get the omv installed properly and get it going. It is working fine now.

    My other question is: If I have a HD with few folders. How can I mount the whole drive without going through setting up each folder as shared folder? This will take a long time if there are too many folders.

    tkaiser: I entered raspberrypi as you suggested rather than the ip address.
    i can get ino omv.

    I have created a user id using the UI of omv, but still that does not help.

    My question is still why my second sd card gave me a public ip address rather than the dhcp assigned ip from my router?


    I was finally able to get IP address and was able to get into the OMV using the browser.

    Two things I noticed:

    1. With on SD card, it gave me IP address of, which when I tried in browser gave message of NOT Connected to Serve.

    2. So I burned another SD card and inserted that without any monitor and it gave me IP address of
    This one when I inserted in browser worked and I was able to do the config etc. I can now see my drive listed in the omv page.

    3. But now when I try to map the drive on my PC, I get the following as attached.
    I t asks for Network Credentials and I tried all sort of uid and pwd which I know for my computer, but none worked.

    Any help on this, please.

    Hello Macom!

    Your trick worked. I got the IP address on the terminal. Before that I was using my TV as terminal which may be the issue as you mentioned power issue.

    Now when I put the ip address in the chrome browser of my Win 8.1 computer, it says

    This site can’t be reached refused to connect.

    What could be the issue now?


    I am not sure what is going on.

    This time I followed the instructions and used etcher as mentioned but still no IP address shown. After inserting the sd card and power up, pi booted and I can see lots of activity on the screen and then the pi rebooted again. After that it finished and stopped. I still did not see any IP address.


    I have a pi 3b+.
    I followed all the instructions to install the omv but after power up of pi and going through the process, at the end I should get IP address but I do no.
    I see lots of FAILED commands during bootup of pmv.

    Any help?

    I downloaded the ovm from this site for pi.


    I am trying to install omv on my pi 3b+ but no luck. Installation process runs but it does not give me any ip address as it is suppose to do when installation is complete.

    Any idea what is wrong I am doing? Installation process says, put img on a SD car, insert into pi and turn power on. That is what I did three time with fresh burn of img on SD card, each time.


    I followed the video to install openmediavault on raspi 3b+. When I boot my pi, it gave me bunch of messages as Failed to Install etc. and when finished, it did not gave me any ip address.
    I do not know what to do. I erased and wrote sd card few times but same error.

    Please help.