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    No mdadm --detail only shows the one that I can see in OMV. I am using OMV 5 because had issues with OMV 6 on the supermicro hardware I am using.. 5 seems to work better.

    I put my OMV4 drive back in and I see this in my mdadm.conf

    # definitions of existing MD arrays

    ARRAY /dev/md/OMV-Archive:Archive4tb metadata=1.2 name=OMV-Archive:Archive4tb UUID=600f433a:1e0bc059:907cd93f:4a7164aa

    ARRAY /dev/md/OMV-Archive:Archive6tb metadata=1.2 name=OMV-Archive:Archive6tb UUID=67a427ef:253143bf:df315f9d:ff426d60

    ARRAY /dev/md0 metadata=1.2 spares=2 name=OMV-Archive:Archive12tb UUID=4d5183f8:8aabc3fa:63e60eb4:46772e82

    But only the 4tb is started and when I examine the drives for the others I get the No md superblock detected..


    I have an OMV 4 system with 3 raids. 12 4tb raid6, 12 6tb raid 6. and 24 12tb raid 6. I removed the boot drive and installed OMV 5. on reboot my 4tb drive raid (md127) came up but the other 2 did not and examine the drives says the superblock is missing. is there anyway for me to recover the raids without loosing data?? all the drives are present with LSBLK but it seems with OMV 5 the names changed to the Disk my ID names instead of the /Dev/sda names.. I think this is part of the issue.. any help at all would be awesome.. I have searched and searched but I cant find anything with my particular issue..



    Hello All,

    I have searched and cant seem to find anything.. I had OMV 4 (latest version) up and running with 2 external sas bays connected with 2 raid 6 arrays built. I moved the larger array to a supermicro 24bay server and connected the external sas to it as well.. I installed OMV on this server and configured before I moved the drives.

    When I start the web gui I am missing the raid management tab and the file systems tab. I can use mdadm and see both arrays in the CLI. I can see all my drives in the disks tab.. I dont know what happend..

    Also, I have tried a different browser and cleared my cache...

    Anyone have any thoughts??