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    If you see this that means the RPi rebooted once and OMV's so called motd got displayed (this is not important for you but for other people reading here). Which OS are you using normally? Windows? If so please open cmd.exe, try ping raspberrypi and post the results.
    The OMV Image for RPi needs Internet access on first boot to finish the installation otherwise you won't be able to access. Your symptoms indicate name resolution problems (DNS).

    Nope. But there is a chance that your download got corrupted though unlikely given that the install boots flawlessly and even rebooted. But it seems the RPi has no Internet access and as such OMV won't run.

    Hi tkaiser,

    Thanks for your message. Yes, the RPi rebooted. I can ping the RPi no problem. 0 packets lost. However, when I try to connect to via HTTP (http:://142.XXX.XXX.XXX), I get a unable to connect message.

    As I mentioned before, I can not ping from the RPi anywhere remote (after logging in).

    Thank you for your suggestions.

    so... i did another fresh install (flashed the sd card) and waited an hour. same result.

    I tried with another sd card, fresh install. Same result...

    Is there a chance that the image (on the OMV site) for the RPi is faulty?

    Sadly, the same thing happens. After flashing the SD card again, the OS boots and there are modules that failed to load (Realtek H5 bluetooth, web server, NTFS, swap, etc).

    I wait until the login system comes up:

    openmediavault 4.1.7 (Arrakis) raspberrypi tty1

    to manage the system visit the openmediavault web control panel:

    enxb827...: 142.XX.XX.XX

    I login and change the password.

    I can not ping nonlocal machines. When I try to connect via HTTP, I receive the message unable to connect.

    Any ideas what I can try next?

    Thanks again

    Thanks macom for the prompt reply!

    Yes, it seems like a DNS problem. When I ping all packets are lost. When I ping it can not reoslve the name.

    when I do ifconfig, instead of eth0, it shows something like enxb82be...