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    Just had the same issue.

    I have an Odoird-HC2 as well, my disk used to be mounted as /srv/dev-disk-by-id-ata-WDC_........-part1 and all of a sudden it decided to mount as /srv/dev-sda1

    The only think I think I have changed was the acoustic mode of the hard drive from performance to quiet. It then failed after a reboot.

    I have mounted the drive as dev-sda1 and changed all the sahredfolders to match, then updated all of my dockers fingers crossed it doesn't decide to change its mind back again!

    Just checked and the drive is not automounting either.

    Guess I'll be building a new SD card then...

    @Adoby I have tried moving files via ssh command line and using mc between:


    which results in a copy & delete

    and moving between:


    which results in a move

    as far as I can tell the public folders are hard links of each other (same for the video folders) the i-nodes are the same as below:

    finn@odroidnas1:/$ ls sharedfolders/ -i
    217579521 config 15794177 home 89522177 music 176881665 photo 140705793 public 189595649 video
    finn@odroidnas1:/$ ls srv/dev-disk-by-id-data-drive/ -i
    217579521 config 15794177 home 11 lost+found 89522177 music 176881665 photo 140705793 public 189595649 video

    so i can't understand the difference in behaviour.

    I do understand that a copy will happen if the file is moved remotely using shares.

    Thanks, Finn.

    @justtim if you mount the folder /srv/dev-disk-by-label-justtim/ into your docker and then point sickrage to folders within that mount point it should be able to move files instantly (although I've not tried this yet!)

    I am not sure why moving files in the /srv/dev-disk-by-label-***/ is instant, while moving files between /sharedfolders/a to /sharedfolders/b is done as a copy. Can anyone explain?