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    So I'm pulling my hair out here.

    I'm trying to get Linuxserver/Letsencrypt to work with Portainer.

    I started off by creating a new network: 'docker network create proxy'

    Then I setup Linuxserver/Letsencrypt -> Port 1443 -> 443

    Network IP Address Gateway MAC Address Actions


    I have Server ready in the container, and I can see the cert in /letsencrypt/live

    My port forward from router (pfsense) takes https to server:1443

    If I click on server IP I get 'This site can’t be reached'

    If I try one of my forwarded domains, I get 'This site can’t be reached'

    If I try any other containers it works, ie without trying https://subdomain

    Just for instance, works fine on the same proxy network.

    I would expect just clicking on or I would get that 'Welcome to our server' message.

    Network from Portainer side:

    proxy-localbridgefalsefalsedefault172.19.0.0/16172.19.0.1 administrators

    Please can someone point out where I'm going wrong?

    Environment settings:


    ashift=12 creates the correct alignment for 4k sector disks.

    Thats pretty much most/all modern drives right. I am using WD Red 8tb's.
    So this would be a good setting to use right?

    So far:
    set compression=lz4

    Is this a good/best setup for a new ZFS pool?

    Hi all,
    So setting up ZFS but noticed that most/all attributes arent set or are and just wondering if they are right?
    Eg Compression=off
    I set it to =lz4

    Just wondering if there is anything else that should be set for a good new ZFS install?

    So I'm in a bit of a conundrum, I don't HAVE to move to OMV just yet.
    I want to because im impatient, but I don't have to.

    I know dev said it'll be out ASAP in Jan and that's all good. Even if it takes another 6 months.
    But my feeling is 2 fold.
    1) If I go with OMV now run v5 get it all setup and data moved to it, they they release v5 and for whatever reason you cant upgrade to stable release, is this likely?
    2) I go now with OMV v5, and then they release v6 stable shortly and skip v5. I would think I should do a clean install for best results and least issues?

    I can stay on my current solution with unRAID, but I'd like to use OMV with ZFS. I can wait, but like I say, im impatient.
    Just wondering the best course of action here.

    Yeah sorry maybe I didnt write it clearly.
    I meant expanding my pool by adding a new vdev, not expanding a vdev.
    So I'll start with 1x vdev and 1x pool, and then when I move my other half of my drives over I'll add the drives to a new vdev and expand that 1 pool, and it will then have 2x vdev.

    Seems like I have a game plan.

    Right now I'm using unRAID.
    But my single drive perf is starting to hinder me more than help.
    Hence why im on the search for something better/else. And I really like ZFS and with OpenZFS on the horizon I thought it would be a good choice.

    Let me find the expansion for you.
    EDIT: Found it: Expanding Pool

    zfs can't do that yet but even when it can, it isn't the best implementation in my opinion.

    I believe this can be done on FreeNAS to expand a pool.
    Reason why I asked is to save my data I'm going to use half my drives to backup the data. Create a new pool, move my data to it, and then add in the other half my drives after the fact.

    Containers have moved to use Portainer. I am not sure if you can copy over or use the current settings.
    BUT I have not tried this myself or know if there is actually any difference, just pointing it out.

    @ryecoaaron you wrote the plugin for ZFS right?
    Does that (sorry I'm a total noob here) use the OpenZFS or ZoL code base?
    Or is that specific to how the kernel works?

    And the plugin just allows ZFS to be used?
    If you setting up a new ZFS pool is there anything I need to be aware of?
    Can I expand a pool with adding a new vdev?

    Sorry maybe I got the wrong end of the stick, I thought that's exactly what was happening with OpenZFS and Ubuntu pushing it.

    But honestly I dont really understand it all, I'm happy to use Proxmox kernels, but what I wanted was a standardised and updated ZFS support.
    IE OpenZFS. Lets say I use OMV for 5 years, OpenZFS continues its development but ZFS on OMV doesn't and then I rebuild OMV with TrueNAS Core that is running ZFS can I import my pool or not?

    If OMV/TrueNAS/Proxmox whatever else is all using OpenZFS and singing from the same page you're data will be:
    1) On an up to date and developed ZFS platform
    2) Able to move/migrate around without any issue

    Maybe I dont fully understand how ZFS gets built on OMV/TrueNAS/Proxmox, so please let me know if I'm wrong, always happy to learn.

    Do we still need the Proxmox Kernels?
    Or is it baked in nicely now to the Debian Kernel?

    This is kinda why I asked. Also if OpenZFS is now well Open, why not bake it into OMV instead of via Extras Plugin?

    Just wondering if OMV has any plans to support OpenZFS out the box?

    Also wondering about what the current status of ZFS is on OMV as it stands.
    Is it stable and all good?