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    Hello dear community,

    so far i have only watched the threads but now i need to ask for your help myself.

    I have set up a NAS with OMV 4 on a banana pi m1 and on another one of these is owncloud X. Now, to secure my data i activated snapraid and since i started with a partially filled drive (175gb of 4tb), i synced the drives.
    So far so good.
    That was yesterday and while the sync was happening, the share was already inaccessible from the macbook i used, while the afp was working perfectly well. what's also weird is, i try to mount a smb share on the owncloud pi to store my data on the nas. The mounting itself works fine but when i try to access the folder in owncloud, it says "the folder is temporarily not accessible; maintenance mode".
    i already tried to turn the service off and back on, and snapraid stills says after soon 24h that its still at 98% (it was saying the same at noon, 7h ago...)

    I hope that's enough details and i don't have any clue on how to proceed...

    Can anyone please help me with this issue? i already did the same for a friend in the exact same setup so i know that it works but here i have ran into a wall that i can't seem to outsmart :/

    dearest regards,

    Kriemhild Gretchen