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    That's the norm, when the install media has finished whether it be cd or usb a message appears to tell you to remove the media and reboot.
    Your specific error implies there is no OS on that USB that the system is able to find, the machine booted from the install USB so it appears to have no issue booting from usb.
    Either the install to usb has failed each time or there is a bios setting, I remember reading somewhere that MSI m'boards have a Secure Boot option, disabling this might help, but as it booted from the install usb this may not be the problem.
    Have you tried the usb that omv has been installed on on another machine? this would confirm that the install to the usb was successful and it is capable of booting.

    Do I have to remove the install USB when the message shows up or do I hit enter and wait until it reboots itself, then power off and remove the install USB?

    Hello I am very annoyed after spending over 8 hours downloading, flashing, installing, and wiping my USB drives just to install a simple OS

    Every single time I install it and attempt to boot into the drive I get this error "

    Reboot and Select proper Boot device
    or Insert Boot Media in selected Boot device and press a key...

    Please help me I don't understand what is wrong.

    EDIT: I remove the install drive but keep the drive that the OS should have been installed to plugged in, this error always shows up

    EDIT: Here's some specs in case you need them

    MSI B360M Pro-VDH mobo
    Intel Pentuim Gold G5400 cpu
    8GB DDR4 3000mhz ram

    Hey I have a major problem. I cannot add or remove any more shared folders or add or remove any more AFP shares using the Apple Filling section.

    I get these errors when removing the AFP share:

    Failed to execute command 'export PATH=/bin:/sbin:/usr/bin:/usr/sbin:/usr/local/bin:/usr/local/sbin; export LANG=C.UTF-8; monit monitor netatalk 2>&1' with exit code '1': Cannot create socket to [localhost]:2812 -- Connection refused

    This error when trying to make or edit a new shared folder path:

    Failed to execute command 'export PATH=/bin:/sbin:/usr/bin:/usr/sbin:/usr/local/bin:/usr/local/sbin; export LANG=C.UTF-8; systemctl restart 'sharedfolders-Storage.mount' 2>&1' with exit code '1': Job for sharedfolders-Storage.mount failed. See "systemctl status sharedfolders-Storage.mount" and "journalctl -xe" for details.

    I dont know how to fix it and its super frustrating. It seems to fix itself sometimes but just comes back at other times.