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    So I got OMV 4 working on rpi4 using the upgrade instructions I posted earlier in this thread (upgrade 4.x stretch image to buster). However this will not allow updates to future versions of OMV I think as the repo still thinks/wants to have stretch config files. This is fine for testing, but not really for production. I was just wondering: can’t we make an “official” 4.x image version for buster that people can download? What would that take?

    I tried another way to run OMV on the RPI 4, by using an existing 4.1.22 install, which I created using a RPI 3 and then upgrade the Raspbian version to Buster using the procedure described here:…-new-version-of-raspbian/ (basically changing all instances of the word "stretch" to "buster" in /etc/apt/sources.list and all files below /etc/apt/sources.list.d/* and then run "apt update" and "apt dist-upgrade". Once this was all done and still worked on the RPI 3, I moved the SD card to the RPI 4 and voila.... All seems to work fine.

    Network speed copying files from a Windows machine to the OMV 4.1.22 running on the RPI 4 was great: Windows reporting a 100 MB/s speed, as it should be.
    Temperature is an issue. I installed a small computer fan in my RPI 4 housing. Fan needs 12V for full speed, but tuned it down to 9.5 Volt to keep it quiet. A DC voltage step-up from 5V to 9.5 V allows feeding from the PI directly.