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    Hi, I notice slow speed tranfers when I'm in Linux.

    In my main machine I have Linux and one Windows installation, in separated disks, so... when I need Windows for some reason, i just reboot from windows and that's it.

    Same hardware, same machine, same wire, same all.... and the transfer speed on Windows always reach to top speed on my GB LAN, with linux I just can reach 50 to 70%

    Any idea?

    Thanks in advance

    Check your nginx config before reload

    sudo nginx -t

    And you have an error in --> configuration file /etc/nginx/nginx.conf test failed

    Your hostname:


    And see what you get

    You want to change you hostname if you are using a real domain name

    Easy way to install Emby on Portainer with OMV 5.


    emby/embyserver <------ for stable version

    emby/embyserver:beta <--------for beta version





    /mnt/share1 ( always choose bind)

    /srv/dev-disk-by-label-YOUR-SHARE/YOUR-SHARE (you need to get the absolute path like the example)

    ( you can add more shares)-- For a second share: /mnt/share2 ...and so.



    /srv/appdata/emby <--- you need to create ../appdata directory


    4-ENVIRONMENTAL SECTION: (Check your user ID first)




    5-LAST STEP:

    Click on DEPLOY CONTAINER. (wait a few seconds)

    That's all.

    Hope helps:P


    The portainer installation page seems to think it is the preferred method of installation -

    Why do you need it installed natively? You can install it natively by hand if you need it but I don't know of any benefits. Plus you just described how easy it is to update and image. If portainer was installed natively, it would be much more difficult to update to a newer version of portainer.

    Docker image as the installation page describes.…in/omv-installdocker#L240

    i tried to understand the Portainer in a docker too....

    Any other app installed on Portainer will be.... a docker inside a docker?

    I'm a little confused in this point about it.

    Thanks in advance.

    I think that the Docker platform should regulate the issue of ports and that Squeezebox should change the ones it is using because Portainer, although it is a container itself, is the "host" of many applications. I do not think it is OMV's task to solve a problem that is clearly Docker as an application platform.
    That is just my opinion. Regards.

    Hello everyone.

    Let me see if I understand ...

    In order to use Portainer in OMV 15 beta, must I first install docker-ce and then the Portainer?
    So, I don't have to configure anything never ever in the OMV Docker interface? Only in the Portainer? Is that so or am I lost?
    Sorry for my dumb question.

    I followed the @TechnoDadLife tutorial but I had that doubt.

    Thanks in advance, and thanks for your great work and to the community.

    Have a nice day

    No, but there are 2 ways to look at this, iPads and iPhones use VLC this locates the Emby server running in Docker, but VLC can also use the SMB shares. I have one smart TV this has it's own Media Browser/Player this will only connect to the SMB shares on the server, we also have a Playstation this locates the running Emby server but like VLC it only 'lists' the movies with a relevant poster image.
    Ok, this is gonna be good :) you can sideload Kodi onto a Roku, for Samsung and LG if you're referring to TV's you can do the same on a Fire stick :)

    Your only other option is to pay for Emby Premier this will give access to Emby's apps for the above, but for TV's your need to set up a profile, which I think is an xml file.

    Yes, but don't forget you actually don't need Emby (just makes things easier to manage) you can just use your SMB shares.
    I also scrape my movies with MCM prior to adding them to the shares on OMV, TV Shows as well, that way I tell Emby to use the .nfo created file.

    Excellente tip with Kodi, thank you very much for that :D


    I have Emby Premier for life, and I'm in the beta program, so that's no problem :)
    Plex also has it that way, but lately Plex has become quite "tied and heavy". I used Plex before Emby, I installed it twice in 6 months and every time it is more feels more "tied" so I did not use it again
    My movies are already scrapped with the arts and the .nfo inside each folder (one folder x movie) that's a good thing, for Emby, Plex or Kodi if you need to recreate an instalation :)

    Thank you very much for your help, going to start installing OMV without the Nvidia card on the i7 6700k PC/Server.

    Really appreciated.

    Have a nice day!

    I run Emby on my OMV server an N54L, a Raspberry Pi runs Kodi with an Emby plugin which syncs to the server, that way I don't have to configure Kodi to use the SMB shares.

    Okay., I see, then any other device has no problem to play at home?
    I mean, in my actual Linux Computer (where is gonna be the OMV NAS) I use SMB for shared resources and only my Nvidia Shield can use Kodi as a client and it works well in my SMB from my current Linux. However there is no Kodi client for Roku, Samsung or LG then i need to use the Emby Client APP on those another devices.

    I assume then that for your other devices you use the Emby Server that is in your OMV?

    I understood well?

    Sorry, but sometimes I'm a bit slow to understand.

    I appreciate your response very much.

    Hi. I have a quick question.

    Would not it be better to mount the Emby server on another PC and create the libraries from the OMV SMB/CIFS share?

    Or, in the case of a PC with an Intel i6700k and 16 RAM as a OMV server... is a GPU like Nvidia necessary?

    Thanks in advance

    Thank you both.

    Yes, flatpack is a repository that is taking a lot of force in practically all Linux distributions. Either by terminal or GUI the repository can be added. Debian 10 will bring flatpack if I'm not wrong, snap is more Ubuntu.

    I'm in Emby's beta program, and in terms of server it's better that way, I've done it for a couple of years and actually the beta is very stable, with one thing or another, but nothing that they do not solve in question of hours.

    In any case what really worries me is installing it in docker and then the plugins stop having OMV support with the new OMV version.

    I do not use Emby as a player on the server, ever. I only use the WebUI for the configurations and the libraries, playlists and those things. I have Emby to use it in the different Emby clients that I have in my house and without external access.
    On some devices I can use the SMB or the mini DLNA ->(another plugin and I'm worried that it will run out of support on v5)

    In short, that is the reason for my question.

    Thank you very much in advance.